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Cathy Price

  • journalist
  • North East

In April 2011,after casually reading a sign saying that The Red Lion was the most common name for a pub in Britain I set about the challenge of visiting every single one. All 656 of them. The journey has been a fascinating one, I have discovered beautiful places in Britain, met an amazing array of characters, learned an enormous amount about the beer and pub industry and so much British history. My book The Red Lioness is a four-and-a-half year tale of my travels, taking in Enid Blyton, Clark Gable, births, deaths, ghosts and rock and roll along with my own evolving story. Though the British quest is complete, I am working on my next leg of the journey — Red Lions around the world! I have already done 13 and the follow-up book is in progress. At the same time I continue to re visit some of the amazing UK Red Lions where I have made many friends.