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Chris Elston

Beer writer and judge. Electrical, pump & water engineer.
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What is the one thing you'd like to tell visitors to the Guild's website?

I’ve been contributing to my blog over the last few years, the writing in which has led to me being presented with an award.  Following this I have judged for the World Beer Awards.  I’m also an ambassador for St Austell’s Proper Job, it’s a fantastic beer, you should try it.  When I’m not doing beer, I can often be found hurtling around the Devon countryside in my 2cv.

What you can offer as a writer/beer lover?

Further to the blog, I have a penchant for taking weird, or certainly different, beer photos.  Whether it be a play on words or the set up of the shot, I aim to do something a little different where I can.

Pieces of work by Chris:

  • #allthesaisons Brew By Numbers

    This is a review of five Saisons from Brew By Numbers that I put together last year.  I didn’t want the review to be standard in any way, so to make it special I used only 750ml bottles and delivered the tasting notes in such a way that described the experience of the tasting, as opposed to just listing all the individual flavours I found.

  • A pint

    A simple, yet elaborate take on a pint of beer.

  • Behind the photos

    In this post I explain how I put together some of my more creative beer photos.

  • The Cretan Craft

    Following a recent holiday to Crete, I wrote this about my experience of the local beer and discovered a fantastic local craft brewery in the process.  This piece won me the Silver Award for Best Beer & Travel Writer 2017/18