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Chris Elston

Electrical, pump & water engineer.
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What you can offer as a writer/beer lover?

Further to the blog which I enjoy writing, I take photographs of beer that are not always the typical shot.  Whether it be a play on words or the set up of the shot, I aim to do something a little different where I can.

Pieces of work by Chris:

  • #allthesaisons Brew By Numbers

    This is a review of five Saisons from Brew By Numbers that I put together last year.  I didn’t want the review to be standard in any way, so to make it special I used only 750ml bottles and delivered the tasting notes in such a way that described the experience of the tasting, as opposed to just listing all the individual flavours I found.

  • A pint

    A simple, yet elaborate take on a pint of beer.

  • Behind the photos

    In this post I explain how I put together some of my more creative beer photos.

  • The Cretan Craft

    Following a recent holiday to Crete, I wrote this about my experience of the local beer and discovered a fantastic local craft brewery in the process.  This piece won me the Silver Award for Best Beer & Travel Writer 2017/18