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Darren Packman

Craft Drinks Consultant. Award-winning beer blogger and Author. Craft Beer and Soda Brewery Founder.
  • Full member
  • Beer Export. Beer tastings and public speaking. Beer photography. Brand ambassadorship. Large international network of craft drinks contacts.

What is the one thing you'd like to tell visitors to the Guild's website?

NCTJ trained journalist who moved into media-focused public relations and represented a historic UK brewery as Export Manager for 11 years. In 2000 I uprooted to northern Sweden and dedicated my career to working with great drinks. Former Scandinavian consultant to Brewdog – where I co-brewed the iconic ‘Hello My Name is Ingrid’. Became Sweden’s first full-time professional beer blogger and co-founded the Scandinavian Beer Writers Association to promote better beer writing in the media. Winner of Gourmand International’s ‘World’s Best Beer Book’ for ‘Öl – smakerna, hantverket, stilarna’ in 2015. Craft beer and soda brewery founder.

What you can offer as a writer/beer lover?

I don’t just write about the craft drinks lifestyle. I live it.

In 2013, having written more about the craft drinks lifestyle in English than any other person in Sweden I had something of a mid-life crisis and bought a craft brewery. For the next four years I built the Beer Studio Brewery from the ground up, brewing a wide range of characterful craft beers and handmade sodas, which gives me a unique 360 degree insight into the craft drinks industry.

As well as being a passionate advocate of craft drinks I’m also committed to casting light on the long shadows of mental health in my latest blog. It’s my version of mindfulness. Only I call it beerfulness. Mental health and alcohol? Strange combo you might say, and you’re probably right. But trust me – craft beer and mental health are things we’ll be talking more and more about in the years to come!

I’m a specialist in the Scandinavian beer scene, speak fluent Swedish and have a black belt in IKEA furniture assembly.

Available right now for beer writing projects, tastings, events and happenings. Would be great to hear from you!





Pieces of work by Darren:

  • Ageing Barley Wine

    By ageing it in bourbon casks Shepherd Neame and Sigtuna have turned the gas up even higher, with distinct whiskey notes and vanilla from the wood combining in a alcoholic hit so powerful that should you be wearing contact lenses when sniffing it you may be in danger of melting them.

  • Is Craft Beer Burning Out?

    IPAs so cloudy they look like radioactive pond water, double mocha-wocha choco-vanilla fudgy wudgy pastry stouts, DDH fruit smoothies (that’s Double Dry Hopped for the uninitiated) and salty goses that taste like gym instructor sweat. Is craft beer trying so hard these days it’s in danger of burning itself out?