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Guild Member Profile

Emmie Harrison-West

Freelance Journalist, Editor & Beer Instagrammer
  • Full member
  • NCTJ-accredited
  • NCTJ-accredited
  • I'm a fully accredited journalist with years of magazine editorial experience, currently working as a freelance journalist and editor for national publications.

What is the one thing you'd like to tell visitors to the Guild's website?

I want visitors – beer lovers, experimenters, and intriguers old and new – to know that beer is for everyone. Women, men, black, queer, and NB alike. It’s not ‘a man’s drink’ and I’m here to change that.

It’s up to us to work together on ridding archaic stereotypes when it comes to something that is essential water, barley and hops. It starts from you.

Cheers to beer for all!

Pieces of work by Emmie:

  • Yes, you can be a woman and drink beer – it’s not ‘a man’s drink’

    ‘And a wine for you, Miss,’ the waiter says, about to plonk a glass of red in front of me.

    ‘Actually, that’s for him,’ I reply, pointing to my male friend. ‘Mine is the pint,’ gesturing to a beer on the tray in the waiter’s hands – the ‘manly’ drink he assumed wasn’t mine.

    It’s a phrase – not a question – I hear nearly every time I order from a pub, or restaurant. It’s usually a glass of wine that’s automatically placed in front of me; or a G&T, fancy frothy cocktail, or something made with pink, girly things that, presumably to bartenders, only women ought to drink…