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helen hartley

Creative Director and Brand Consultant (Specialising in Drinks soft, low and no and brewing)
  • Full member
  • beer-writer
  • beer-judge
  • consultant
  • Yorkshire and Humber
  • Design Business Asssociation
  • I have created brands with founders for smaller craft brewers to large scale brewers. Bring a brand to life visually and verbally to tell a compelling brand story is my strength.

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Pieces of work by helen:

  • A breath of fresh ale

    Whilst at WPA Pinfold we were given the challenge to take a well respected quality brand, that had a fifth generation legacy and ensure it had relevancy for today but still maintained the trust and heritage for those loyal to the brand. Creating not only a brand refresh and alignment of the brand assets, which all began with a brand positioning workshop and followed by a creative sprint with the team, we had to look at the future. The brand needed enough stretch to future itself for new innovations and take it into the next generations. We created a product portfolio strategy aligning some existing ranges and collating others to give each range a reason for being and a strong brand architecture which could be fixed and flexed. Through this rebrand we helped the brand gain new advocates, won a design effectiveness award which measures return on investment in brand to financial results and impact.

    I led the team at WPA Pinfold along with the director to create a breathe of fresh air for Harvey’s Brewery.

    The dba effectiveness results and case study can be found on:

  • Greens "the original gluten free beer"

    Whilst at WPA Pinfold we looked to rebrand Green’s Gluten Free Beers.

    They were the first beers to be specifically brewed for Coeliacs in the UK and were launched in 2004. The range included both naturally gluten free and de-glutenised beers, craft brewed in Belgium.
    The brand perceptions did not live up to its premium price point, despite its superior product. on the market and its extensive range. It was positioned as a clinical product in the freefrom ghetto and was due to be delisted. It needed to be reappraised for the quality product it was and communicate it was a quality tasting range of beers, which happened to be gluten-free as well.. THE INSIGHT
    The gluten-free market was growing and the opportunity to capitalise and leverage the lifestyle choice of those audiences, was an opportunity to grow the brand. Consumers wanted choice within a brand and the Green’s gluten-free range was the largest range in the beer market. THE SOLUTION
    Green’s was the original gluten free beer on the market and needed create an iconic, confident and bold, unapologetic presence on shelf. Creating a brand signifier and a bold iconic mark,

    With a 50+increase in sales at Pizza Express outlets in the first 12 months, 580 new listings won across the Co-op’s stores, simply by re-engaging the buyer. For David this resulted in a +366% return on investment in the first 12 months, and an increase YOY of +35%. Within the off-trade the range is now merchandised in the beer aisle, instead of the dusty freefrom bottom shelf, reserved for OPP or brands with poor rate of sale. We also won a DBA effectiveness award and prevented delisting in retailers.

  • Mystical brewing awakening a legend!

    Whilst at WPA a brand close to my heart and my home, as a Lancashire lass.


    Mystical brewing

    We were tasked to rebrand Moorhouse’s and reposition it as a

    relevant brand, that appealed to both the traditionalist and the new

    craft drinker. The whole brand needed an overhaul, from brand

    architecture, product portfolio, developing new ranges, range

    extensions.and rationalising the products to help their marketing

    and sales which were in huge decline.

    Pendle Hill sits ominously on the Lancashire skyline, with its

    magical, swirling mists shrouding the long-told stories of myths

    and legends. In its might midst sits the Moorhouse’s Brewery,

    famous for its mystical beers, all brewed in the shadow of

    Pendle Hill. The use of light, silhouettes and shadows became

    the visual expression of the brand, the hidden depths of

    discovery which lay inside. Using a local but internationally reknown

    sports photographer, the myths and legends of the area were

    captured to create a visual canvas for the stories to be told.