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Guild Member Profile

James Wilmshurst

Podcast/Radio Producer & Host
  • Full member
  • Yorkshire and Humber
  • TV Production and Media BA (Hons)
  • Cellar Management
  • Podcasting/Radio

What is the one thing you'd like to tell visitors to the Guild's website?

Host and producer of the Ale & Audio podcast, a weekly radio show style podcast (with music) aimed at beer lovers and home bar owners. Features beer/pub related news and games and promotes supporting independent bottleshops, bars, pubs and breweries.

Founder of Ale & Radio, a 24/7 streaming beer themed radio station complete with music, beer news, beer reviews, beer travel features and more. Content is generated by a community of beer enthusiasts and listeners can even submit their own content.

What you can offer as a writer/beer lover?

If you have something beer, pub or home bar related to talk about I can help you reach an amazing community of beer lovers through a very interactive, fun and unique podcast and radio station!

What do you like most about being a Guild of Beer Writers member?

I am a new member and very proud to have been accepted. I am looking forward to meeting other likeminded people.

Pieces of work by James:

  • Ale and Radio - a radio station for fans of beer!

    A online radio station by beer lovers, for beer lovers.

    Full of beer reviews, beer news, beer travel guides and other beer related features with a nice mix of music (many of these recordings are sent in by listeners).

    As part of the live stream the station also has an interactive stream wall featuring beer news ticking along the bottom of the screen (like a TV news channel) and also our community can send in their own beer/pub pictures too.

    In only a few months since its launch in April, the station has got 10,000 streams.

  • Ale and Audio Podcast

    A podcast which started in 2020 and quickly became a popular podcast with the online pub shed, home bar and beer lover community on Instagram.

    The podcast, presented in the style of a radio show includes a mixture of pub shed, home bar and beer features and according to Spotify wrapped stats was in the top 5% of most shared podcasts globally with listeners all across the UK and across the world including the United States, Canada, Germany and The Netherlands.

    The podcast has even managed to attract and feature beer loving celebrity guests including Channel 4 Sunday Brunch presenter and chef Simon Rimmer, David Rotheray (Beautiful South musician and song writer) actor Adam Rickitt and stand up comedian James Dowdeswell.

    A whole community grew around the podcast and regular meet ups in the UK now occur where listeners meet up for nights out.

    As a result of the success of the podcast a 24/7 radio station was formed Ale and Radio.