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Guild Member Profile

Jeremy Storton

Beer Podcaster, Beer Writer, Beer Educator, Brewery Sales Rep
  • Full member
  • Beer Sales and education
  • USA
  • 3-time NAGBW award winner
  • Certified CiceroneĀ®, BJCP, IBD certified Brewer
  • Certified Cicerone, BJCP Judge, IBD certified Brewer, NAGBW
  • I am a waterman and decent home chef. I also write about water sports, food and travel.

What is the one thing you'd like to tell visitors to the Guild's website?

  1. Although I am an American living in the US, my father was born in Guilford where I still have family.Ā  I hope to reconnect with my British roots some day soon, especially through beer.

What you can offer as a writer/beer lover?

A global perspective since I live in the US and have interviewed people from around the world for my podcast.

What do you like most about being a Guild of Beer Writers member?

The connections to fellow beer lovers and creative people.

Pieces of work by Jeremy:

  • Writing Portfolio

    You’ll find my writing portfolio and more on my site,

  • Beerlandia Podcast

    I produced this award-winning podcast for 1859 Oregon’s Magazine

  • Video Portfolio

    Video work I have done for clients

  • Photography Portfolio

    An overview of my photography I have done for publications and/ or clients.