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Guild Member Profile

Svitlana Filatova

Spokesperson, idea generator for Varvar Brew
  • Full member
  • mbaa
  • Pink Boots Society

What is the one thing you'd like to tell visitors to the Guild's website?

I am an avid beer enthusiast. With “you want it – you do it” attitude I try to push the boundaries of emerging beer culture in my country through writing, translation (“Tasting beer” by Randy Mosher and more to come), talks and education. Be it beer-myth busting in a blog, beer-and-food pairing sessions, contributing to a beer-magazine or conducting off-flavor courses at local Brew School, I aim to help others to level-up their knowledge about beer. Another important activity I engage in is creating more space in the industry for female beer lovers and professionals.

Cicerone Beer Server, Prov. BJCP Judge, Apprentice Beercierge, aiming for next levels. Member of Pink Boots Society. Beer runner.

Can be found in Kyiv, Ukraine, from where I hail, this year inĀ Zurich, Switzerland mostly, and all over Europe at festivals and breweries I frequently visits.