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Guild Member Profile

Natalya Watson

Beer Sommelier
  • Full member
  • Education, marketing, writing, podcasting
  • London
  • Certified Cicerone, Beer Sommelier, IBD General Certificate in Brewing
  • Certified Cicerone, Beer Sommelier
  • science
  • education
  • beer-styles
  • beer-travel
  • Events
  • Marketing
  • Branding
  • Beer Education

What is the one thing you'd like to tell visitors to the Guild's website?

Beer educator & host of the podcast ‘Beer with Nat’

What you can offer as a writer/beer lover?

Natalya Watson is a Beer Sommelier and Certified Cicerone® passionate about sharing her knowledge of beer with others.  She regularly teaches at the Beer & Cider Academy, judges at beer competitions, and produces and hosts the podcast Beer with Nat.

What do you like most about being a Guild of Beer Writers member?

Tapping into the insight and inspiration from fellow members.

Pieces of work by Natalya:

  • 'Beer with Nat' Podcast

    On every episode of ‘Beer with Nat’, Natalya shares a beer and a chat with people who work in the beer industry, discussing their work, what brought them to beer, and what they love about the beer world. Listen in on iTunes, Spotify, and more.

  • Watson's Corner

    Welcome to Watson’s Corner, a place for craft beer stories & conversation.

    Beer is so much more than just what’s in your glass. It’s more than its style or the numbers on the label.

    Craft beer is made by passionate people with stories to share. It combines art, science, business and branding. It encourages experimentationpushes boundaries and makes a statement.

    These are the stories we’ll discover & discuss in Watson’s Corner.