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Guild Member Profile

Shane McNamara

Master Cicerone / International Beer Judge / Beer Education
  • Full member
  • London
  • Master Cicerone, MSc. Brewing Science, Beer Sommelier
  • Education, Judging, Science, History, Styles, Brewing, Ingredients

What is the one thing you'd like to tell visitors to the Guild's website?

Beer Education | Presenting | International Judging

What you can offer as a writer/beer lover?

Shane is a Master Cicerone and also holds a Master’s degree in Brewing Science from the University of Nottingham. He has previously worked as a brewer and was formerly the Senior Technical Officer at the Institute of Brewing & Distilling (IBD). Shane now helps drive innovation and quality for AB InBev – the world’s largest brewer. With a passion for beer and food, he regularly contributes to publications around the world and judging in beer competitions.

What do you like most about being a Guild of Beer Writers member?

Connecting with fellow members to share knowledge, inspiration, and expertise over a couple of pints.

Pieces of work by Shane:

  • Hop Biotransformation

    There are a lot of trendy words thrown around in the beer world these days – almost all of them exclusively related to hops. Dry Hopped? Wet Hopped? Cryohops? DDH? BBC? Another of these words commonly used is “biotransformation”, particularly in the case of New England IPAs. This is reportedly one of the key aspects to the tropical juicy flavours we enjoy while sipping on these now
    seemingly ubiquitous beers.

  • Gorgeous Brewery - Profile

    With more than 110 breweries in London, constant takeovers and strategic partnerships by larger breweries (Camden Town: 2015 AB InBev; London Fields: 2017 Carlsberg; Brixton: 2017 Heineken; Fourpure: 2018 Lion; Beavertown: 2018 Heineken; Fuller’s: Asahi 2019) it is hard to imagine there’s space for everyone in the capital. However, let’s not forget that London has a thirsty population of over nine million residents (not including daily commuters from the South East, business travellers and tourists) so there is still room for a quality independent.