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Guild Member Profile

Sylvia Kopp

  • journalist
  • Germany

As one of Germany’s leading beer sommeliers, Sylvia Kopp is co-founder and leader of Berlin Beer Academy, a school for trade and gastronomy professionals as well as consumers devoted to exploring the quality, diversity and taste of great beers. She is a jury member at international beer competitions including World Beer Cup®, European Beer Star and Brussels Beer Challenge. In September 2014, her book Barley & Hops: The Craft Beer Book was released by Gestalten publishers in English and German. Kopp publishes regularly in food magazines and media for professional audiences. In June 2015 she has become American Craft Beer Ambassador in Europe, a position given to her by the Brewers Association, Boulder, Co.. Berlin Beer Academy, Claire-Waldoff-Str. 4, 10117 Berlin +49 30 3117 6081