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11th August 2022

1º International Beer Competitions Conference will be part of the Brazilian Beer Week

It will take place in early March 2023, in Blumenau, and has already 11 countries confirmed.

The Brazilian Beer Week will bring together the Festival, the Fair, the Brazilian Competition, the International Conference, and the Brazilian Beer Award, in March 2023, in Blumenau (SC). The 1º International Beer Competitions Conference will also take place. The idea is to bring together representatives from several countries with the aim of creating an unprecedented exchange in the world, aiming at the participation of brewers from all over the planet in the most important aspects from the industry.

So far, representatives from Germany, Argentina, Belgium, Spain, the United States, Poland, Uruguay, Italy, Mexico, and South Korea are confirmed. “And there will be many more countries to come, because this event is the result of a work that started a year ago. It’s ensured the Brazilian participation in contests such as the European Beer Star, which started this Wednesday (03), in Germany, and also the Brussels Beer Challenge (Belgium) and the Barcelona Beer Challenge (Spain)”, says Develon da Rocha, president of the Associação Blumenauense de Turismo, Eventos e Cultura (Ablutec), responsible for the Brazilian Beer Week.

At the moment, the Ablutec team is in Europe, after visiting Argentina, showing the best that Brazil has in craft beer and attracting partners to further increase this global production chain.

Press release from PalavraCom.

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