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5th January 2015

2nd BeerBartender Awards Voting has began

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Until the 28th of February we are voting for the 2nd BeerBartender Awards

We are pleased to announce that the 2nd BeerBartender Awards will take place on Saturday February 28th 2015.

The BeerBartender Awards, to be held for the second consecutive year, will include eight (8) categories of awards, including four (4) new ones.

The categories are as follows:

  • Best Greek microbrewery
  • Best Label/Packaging
  • Best new beer
  • Best import company
  • Best Greek Brewery (new category)
  • Best Greek beer company (new category)
  • Best cider (new category)
  • Best beer e-shop  (new category)

This year the BeerBartender Awards will be the first beer event in Greece which will be officially supported by the British Guild of Beer Writers promoting the Awards to all its members abroad.

Voting began on January 1, 2015 and will end Saturday, February 28, 2015. The winners of the awards will be announced on the last day of voting.

The official #hashtag of the event is #beerbartenderawards


In March of 2014, the first event dedicated to the passion for beer took place in Athens. Participation for a first time event was promising. The response of the people who love beer and the beer companies was proof that in our country there is the potential for the development of an event just for beer without necessarily having to participate in an exhibition or a festival. Whether the future holds something more than what already exists nobody knows.

For entries, sponsorship or any inquiries please e-mail us at:

** The location of the event will be announced shortly.

What is BeerBartender

BeerBartender is known primarily for its passion with beer.  It was founded by Nicola Radisis in 2012 and since then it has been devoted to promoting the culture of beer in Greece and at the same time supporting Greek beer labels beyond the Greek borders.

The BeerBartender team is made up of people who closely follow the developments in the brewing and gastronomy field.   They write articles concerning beer, they educate and offer advice on matters relating to beer. BeerBartender collaborates with all Greek breweries and maintains excellent contacts with agencies and beer communities in Great Britain. Germany and Cyprus.


What are the BeerBartender Awards

The BeerBartender Awards is an annual event dealing with the passion for beer. Through their participation in this event everyone can express their love for beer, breweries and all related businesses.  Organized by BeerBartender, whose team consists of people who love beer and wish to increase the appreciation of beer. The BeerBartender Awards are just another means in this effort and they are intended for everyone. Friends, consumers, amateur home brewers, professionals in the food industry, bartenders, business executives in the beer sector and those who drink beer or simply wish to try new beers but did not dare.

For more information contact:

Ms. Danae Margaritidi at