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31st May 2023

30 Plus Jobs Created In Walsall

Last month, Davenports, a Birmingham based brewery announced they will be opening The Met, an authentic Sports Bar on the site formerly occupied by Bar10. Today they announced the creation of more than 30 jobs, to include several management apprenticeships.

Katie McPhilimey, Marketing Director for owners, Davenports Brewery explains; “Walsall is becoming increasingly cosmopolitan, there is investment into the area, and we’d like to think we’re ahead of that growing curve. Davenports has a strong reputation over the centuries of leading the way in terms of products, services and technology, we pride ourselves on our outward facing staff across our venues and we hope to attract great new talent to The Met, as well experienced talent who wish to work for a strong, expanding company that is creating something authentic, and quite special. We’ve been working with Walsall College with regards to recruitment, they have been so thorough and extremely helpful.”

Positions available cover everything from waiting, bar and kitchen staff, as well apprenticeships within management positions and food preparation. Commenting on the apprenticeships, Katie added; “Hospitality is a career, and we’re ready to invest in those dedicated to shaping their career with us. Earning and learning in a role is an attractive proposition for those serious about learning the essentials for what is an exciting and varied industry.”

The extensive renovation of The Met is taking shape already with an impressive large, tiled bar and huge media screens ready to be hung. The Met launch event promises to be an exciting evening with sporting talent in attendance.

Commenting on the menu, Katie added, “I don’t want to give too much away, but the menu is truly authentic, trips to New York and Nashville have helped create some wickedly tasty dishes, sharing platters and pitchers – and desserts that will keep you returning!”

Cllr Mike Bird, Leader of Walsall Council also commented on the job creation; “We’re thrilled that Davenports, are creating jobs within Walsall and investing in the infrastructure, adding to the curb appeal of the city. I am particularly pleased to see apprenticeships in the mix, with Davenports adding their knowledge and expertise to the skill base in the area.”

Harry Higgs, GM of The Met shared his excitement; “This will be ‘the’ place to work in Walsall, we’re creating a super environment for our customers and staff, I’m excited about the recruitment process, and working alongside my team.”

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Davenports Brewery Interesting Facts

Davenports was established in 1829.

1902: A new branch of the business started – manufacturing, bottling and delivering Davenports non-deposit ale and stout.

1904: Davenports C.B Ltd, registered to supply ‘pure bottled ale and stout at the cheapest possible price’.  Quickly reaching delivery to 15,000 homes.

Famous Legal Battle: In 1905 Davenports was accused of ‘Beer Hawking’, selling beer by retail at a place where they were not authorised (beer at home), It was viewed as a hugely important prosecution, fought brilliantly, and won by the very theatrical barrister, Mr Marshall-Hall K.C, on behalf of Davenports in the Victoria Law Courts. Marshall-Hall was later knighted. Davenports had paved the way for other brewers to follow a similar scheme.

The Co-operative beer bottle…A Double Inducement:  Within a month of the dismissal of the beer hawking accusation, C.B Ltd launched its prospectus to potential shareholders in the company, which already had proven ‘progressive, substantial, and satisfactory’. Half of the shares were Ordinary and were divided equally between the three directors and John Davenport and Sons brewery, and half were advertised as customers’ shares. Those who bought them had to commit to buying ten shillings’ worth of bottled ale (CB) or Stour (CS) over a six-month period; if they didn’t do this, they had to sell their shares at the paid-up value. Holders of these shares were entitled to a 5% cumulative preference dividend and half of the surplus profits of the company in proportion to what they had spent in the year after 5% had been paid to the Ordinary shareholders. The FT wryly dubbed the scheme ‘A Co-operative Beer Bottle’, more seriously and optimistically, Davenports advertised it as ‘devised to give EVERY shareholder a double inducement to further the interests of the Company’.

Early pioneers in advertising. By 1910, it was obvious that much thought was put into making advertisements lively, pertinent, and appealing. With Davenports seen in national press.

1922 Motorised lorries expanded delivery capability.

Technology: in 1930, The Birmingham Daily Gazette stressed that few of Davenports’ rivals could claim to be as modern in equipment as Davenports which boasted ‘The very latest appliances that science and mechanics have evolved’. In total, three batteries of machines with ten machines in each turned out 120,000 bottles of beer every day!

Continued Investment: More investment in the bottling plant meant that a few years later, Davenports were capable of 24,000 bottles per hour!

Pioneers of Recycling: In the 1930’s, Davenports championed recycling bottles that were returned by customers. Scrupulously cleaned and chilled for reuse in two automatic bottle washing machines at the rate of 12,000 per hour.

1937: More than 250,000 regular customers.

Famous Slogan: In 1939, the ‘Beer At Home Means Davenports’ slogan was first introduced.

That Jingle: Davenports gained much publicity from an advert that featured marketing director Carl Daniels and a catchy ditty:

Beer at Home means Davenports,

That’s the beer, lots of cheer.

The finest hops with malt and yeast

Turns a snack into a feast.

Straight from brewery to your home,

Why collect, we’ll deliver.

Soon you’ll know why folks all say,

Beer at Home, means Davenports.

Costing little to make, it was credited with boosting sales to such an extent that in 1973 Davenports’ profits reached just under £1million compared to £86,000 in 1961.


2021: Despite the terrible impact of the pandemic on the industry, Davenports managed to acquire new pubs and venues, refurbish existing pubs whilst also launching ‘Beer At Home’.

Making A Difference:

Reducing box size and lessening void fills all adds to reducing lorries on roads each year.

2022: The Queens Head opened its doors on Steelhouse Lane Birmingham

2022: The Coach House wins Best Pub or Bar in Coventry & Warwickshire 2022 at the Foodie Awards.

2022: The Coach House wins Best Pub, Bar or Restaurant at The Stratford Herald Business & Tourism Awards.

2022: Davenports returns the brand to Kidderminster with the opening of The Post House, formerly the site of The Red Man pub.

2023: January, Davenports add the award-winning Littleton Arms in Penkridge to their portfolio.

2023: February, Davenports launches Drum Bitter, 3.6% ABV.

2023: Davenports announces work on a new sports bar, The Met.

2023, May: Davenports CB Original Bitter wins Gold Medal for the cask British Bitter at the  SIBA Midlands Independent Beer Awards 2023.

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