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7th January 2019

30-Second Beer

“Interest in understanding more about the origins of beer, and  how best to enjoy it, has never been more prevalent, therefore the timing of 30-Second Beer couldn’t be better. It’s succinct and educational enough for those who are new to beer and the perfect reference guide for well-informed aficionados.”

Roger Ryman, Master Brewer and Brewing Director at St Austell Brewery & Bath Ales.

Where did beer originate? What are the crucial ingredients and techniques required to make the perfect brew? Can you tell the difference between pale ale and lager or stout and porter? Does beer taste better from a keg, can or cask? What is ‘craft’ beer and how did it revolutionise the beer industry?

30-Second Beer is here to enlighten you with 50 topics written by experts in the field, covering the essential elements of the beer world. Each entry is summarized in a mere 30 seconds – using just 300 words and one picture, taking the reader through the history and basics of brewing, a dissection of the different beer styles and their unique characteristics, as well as a trip around the world’s beers.

Illustrated with inventive graphics, and supported by biographies of leading figures in the beer world, this is theeasiest way to get to know one of the world’s most popular alcoholic beverages.

Editor Sophie Atherton is a writer and journalist, and was the first woman in the UK to be accredited as a beer sommelier. Her work appears regularly in the UK national press and various magazines such as the Campaign for Real Ale’s BEER and trade publication The Morning Advertiser, in which she writes a monthly column. She is an accomplished beer judge in both the UK and USA, at competitions including the World Beer Cup, International Beer Challenge, SIBA National Beer Competition and CAMRA’s Champion Beer of Britain.

14 March 2019 (RRP £14.99, hardback)

ISBN: 978-1782405481

50 essential elements of producing and enjoying the world’s beers, each explained in half a minute

Contributors: Sophie Atherton, Jerry Bartlett, Pete Brown, Jeff Evans, Susanna Forbes, Roger Protz.

For further information and to request a review copy, contact

Graham Robson

01273 403 925