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22nd February 2012

4th Annual Welsh Beer Festival by therakeblog


Hello Folks,

 for the 4th year running now we are delighted to announce The Rake’s Welsh Beer Festival. As usual we’ve been lucky enough to get The Otley Brewing Company to collect the beers for us and the selection this year will whip you up into a frothy, hoppy lather!

Here is the list of Breweries and the beers we’re getting from them…

Bragdy’r Nant – Mwnci Nel, 5.5%

Brecon Brewery – Pale Beacons, 3.9%

Brecon Brewery – Wandering Beacons, 5%

Brecon Brewery – Bright Beacons, 4.5%

Bullmastiff – Son of a Bitch, 6%

Conway – St Davids Ale, 4.2%

Conway – Scrumdown, 4%

Great Orme – Cambrian, 3.8%

Heart of Wales – Welsh Black, 4.4%

Kite Brewery – Gorslas, 4%

Montys Brewery – Manjana, 3.9%

Montys Brewery – Mojo, 3.8%

Neath Brewery – 6 Hop Nations, abv tbc

Otley Brewing Co – O4 ColumbO, 4%

Otley Brewing Co – O6 Porter, 6.6%

Otley Brewing Co – Oxymoron, 5.5%

Otley Brewing Co – mOtley Brew, 7.5%

Otley Brewing Co – O-Garden, 4.8%

Purple Moose – Glaslyn, 4.2%

Purple Moose – Snowdonia, 3.6%

Sandstone – Edge, 3.8%

Sandstone – Post Mistress, 4.4%

Sandstone – Obsidian, 5%

Tiny Rebel – Fubar, 4.4%

Tiny Rebel – Urban IPA, 5.5%

Waen – Blackberry Stout, 3.8%

So there it is folks, 26 casks from 14 Breweries, we wanted more but alas we’ll have to do with this exciting lot again! Have to say, if you haven’t tried the Motley yet, WHY NOT!?

There will be bottles from Otley, Untapped and Purple Moose available at the Utobeer Cage and Tap East will have a cask of mOtley brew and one of the final batch of O8 on the bar that weekend so be sure to visit both bars!

iechyd da!