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6th April 2020

5 Botanical Beer & Food Pairing Recipes for National Beer Day, U.S.

Lowlander’s approach to beer pairing is simple – beer is better with food and food is even better with beer!

Celebrate National Beer Day with our friends in the US on 7th April with a selection of Lowlander Botanical Beers and a delicious home cooked meal. Take beer pairing to the next level with these Lowlander food pairing suggestions:

Lowlander I.P.A. brewed with Coriander and White Tea, with its citrusy, fruity and bitter flavour goes well with Middle Eastern and rich Asian food. Try it with Slow Braised Lamb Shank and Couscous – the intensity and subtle sweetness of the lamb stands up to the strong characteristics of Lowlander I.P.A. and allows for a complex finish. And what to think of an Indonesian satay? The Indonesian version tends to be a bit sweeter than other varieties due to the use of ginger in the peanut sauce. Lowlander I.P.A. cuts through the richness of the creamy, spicy peanut sauce.

The crisp flavour and flowery finish of Lowlander White Ale brewed with Curaçao orange, Elderflower and Chamomile, pairs well with seafood and light salads. Try it with Ceviche and Botanical Pickle. Or pair it with spicy herb cured salmon; the White Ale will soften the heat from the spices and also brings out the salinity of the fish.

Lowlander Yuzu & Grapefruit brewed with Pink Grapefruit and Earle Grey Tea, is a great companion for vegetarian dishes like Grilled Cauliflower with Green Pearl Barley and fried herbs. Both are light and refreshing and perfect for plant-based and veggie diners.

Lowlander Grapefruit Pale Ale brewed with Blood Orange and Sumac, stands up to bold umami flavours such as Sumac Roasted Chicken Flatbread. The fresh, citrus flavours and high carbonation also work well with grilled barbecue meats and melted cheese dishes.

Lowlander beer is available to purchase from, Harvey Nichols, and Amazon from £2.02 for 33cl.

For full recipes and hi res images for any/all of the food pairing suggestions above, contact Amy Van Schalkwyk []