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4th August 2022

Discover a great selection of beers, and get half for free at fantastic independent pubs thanks to a stack of beer mats

The International Beer Day will take place this Friday 5th of August. Let’s celebrate it by tasting wonderful beers at independent pubs! It will be a great way to honour this traditional drink and support amazing independent businesses at the same time. CityStack offers to discover great beers at a selection of ten independent London pubs in zone 1 and 2, including the Award-winning craft beer pub – Crown & Shuttle (find the complete list of beers/pub below). This unique gift for pub lovers provides a discount of £10 off a £20 spend at each pub: you can get 4 beers for £10 only. Ultimately, CityStack users benefit from £100 worth of beers with a single stack of beer mats that costs only £20.

How does it work?

1. Use the guide and map to pick one of the pubs
2. Go to the pub, order any beer you’d like to try (you can order food as well!)
3. When it’s time to pay, give the beer mat to the bartender to receive £10 off your bill
4. Pick another pub and do it again!

Beers Offered by our Selection of Independent Pubs

CROWN & SHUTTLE (Award winning craft beer pub)
• Draught beers: Wolfpack Pilsner, Meantime Brewery Fresh Lager, Soho Lager, San Miguel, Rothaus Pils Tannenzäpfle, Brooklyn Lager, London Beer Factory Sour Solstice – Blood Orange and Cranberry, Hackney Brewery Session IPA, Purity Session IPA, Thornbridge Jaipur IPA, Mad Squirrel Roadkill New England IPA, Stone & Wood Pacific Pale Ale, Five Points Pale Ale, Laine Brew Rippa Pale Ale, Beavertown Gamma Ray Pale Ale, Vocation Hop, Skip & Juice, Aspall’s Cider, Guinness, Weihenstephaner Hefe Weissbier, Sharp’s Doombar, Purity Mad Goose Pale Ale
• Bottled beers: Corona Extra, Redchurch Lager, Wimbledon Lager, Kernel Table Beer, Wimbledon New World Pale Ale, Brewdog Punk IPA, Kernel Mosaic IPA, Redchurch Hoxton Stout, Chimay Blue, La Chouffe, Duvel, Corona Zero, Rothaus Tannenzäpfle Alcohol-Free, Brewdog Nanny State

• Draught beers: Guinness, Pravha, Kronenburg, Fosters, Neck oil, Heineken, Amstel, Blue moon, Doombar, Madri, Moretti, Skehanbrau, Aspels, Atlantic ipa
• Bottled beers: Budvar, Sagres, Magners, Sol, Heineken, Singha, Old mouth, Heineken 0, Peroni, Crabies

• Draught beers: home brewed lager Princess Hells made in their infusion kitchen in Marylebone, Camden Hells, Birra Moretti, Brixton, Posh Lager, Work IPA, Gamma Ray A.P.A, Lagunitas Daytime, Princess Stout, Neck Oil IPA, Sambrook’s Wandle, Guest Ale
• Bottled beers: Sol, Peroni, Birra Moretti, Camden Hells, Posh Lager, Alcohol Free Heineken

• Draught beers: Vedett Extra Blond, Beavertown Gamma Ray, Beavertown Neck Oil, Longhorn IPA, Blue Moon, Lagunitas Daytime IPA, Brewdog Punk IPA, Guinesss, Birra Moretti, Amstel, Symonds
• Bottled beer: Erdinger, Peroni, Corona, Desperados, Heineken, Hambleton

• Draught beers: Camden Pale Ale, Camden Hells Larger, Franziskaner, Guinness, Backs Vier, Asahi Super Dry rice lager, Menabrea Premium Lager, Mahou, 360 Sussex Haze, Belleville Session IPA, Peroni Premium Lager, Corona, Stella Artois, London Pride, Sambrook’s weekly special cask
• Bottled beers: Hiver Blonde, Hiver Amber, Erdinger Alcoholfrei, Estrella Galicia, Peroni, Modelo Especial, Brewdog Punk IPA, Brewdog Planet Pale, Brewdog Lost Lager, Hoegaarden, Zed Alcohol Free Pale Al, Panama XPA

• Draught beers: Amstel, Kronenbourg, Heineken, Birra Moretti, Brixton Coldhabour, Guinness, Beavertown neck oil and Beavertown Gammaray, London Pride and Darkstar Hophead, Lagunitas Daytime IPA, Brixton Reliance IPA
• Bottled beers: Estrella, Sagres, Budvar, Tiger, Sol, Desperados, Daura (gluten free), Heineken 0%, Birra Moretti 0% and Beavertown Lazer Crush 0% IPA

• Draught beers: TwoTribes Metroland NYC SIPA, Five Points Lager, Stone & Wood Pacific Ale, Five Points JUPA, Yeastie Boys Superfresh Lager, Pravha Czech Lager, Madri Spanish Lager, Blue Moon Belgian White Beer, Aspalls Cyder, Rekorderlig Strawberry & Lime Cider, Lucky Saint Unfiltered Alcohol-Fee Lager, Beavertown Neck Oil SIPA, Lost & Grounded Wanna go to the Sun Pale Ale, Verdant But, Alas, I was no Swimmer IPA
• Bottled beers: Five Points BEST Bitter, Vocation x Overtone Karate Kiwi New Zealand Pale Ale

• Draught beers: Peroni, Camden Hells , Camden Pale Ale Hoegaarden, Mahou , Becks, Orchard Pig, Guinness, Goose Midway, Goose Todays Haze, Goose IPA, Golden Goose Lager, Wimbledon Seasonal Al
• Bottled beers: Budweiser, Budweiser No Alcohol, Corona, Asahi, Peroni Gluten Free

About Citystack

CityStack is a gift idea for pub lovers: this stack of beer mats allows you to get £100 worth of food & drinks at great independent pubs across London.

This unique pack offers ten money-saving beer mats, each giving £10 off a £20 spend at one of the ten independent London pubs that are part of the collection: it’s a total of £100 worth of food & drinks offered per pack. These discounts are available on any item on the menu (food, drinks…) at any time. With CityStack, you save money, and you support independent pubs at the same time, it’s a win-win!

Supporting Independent Pubs

Independent pubs are still desperately trying to tread water in order to help themselves through this post-pandemic period: 400 pubs closed in UK in 2021, 200 in the first half of 2022. With the current record inflation rate, consumers remain reluctant to budget for going out. Not to mention the staff shortages issues. While big chains may be well equipped to weather the current economic situation, it’s much harder for independent pubs to keep their business afloat. We know how challenging it is to run a local pub. It requires a lot of energy to deliver the best service possible, and managers don’t have time & money to spend on marketing. Nor the expertise. We want to help prevent the disappearance of these businesses that are part of the UK’s DNA, by sharing our expertise so they can highlight why people should visit them.

Connecting People

Pubs are mainly dedicated to one mission: connecting people. We genuinely consider that gathering and connecting with other people is fundamental to well-being and promotes happiness. However, with the rising costs, it is much harder for Londoners to dedicate money to go to pubs and connect. We offer them an opportunity to go to the pub at a lower cost.

“When CityStack came to us to join the initiative, we were delighted to take part, especially after months of closure. We are more than happy to welcome and meet new people from across the city and do what we do best – hospitality”

Dean Beard, Landlord of the Bow Bells

Press release from Citystack

Press contact: Alison Boutoille, Co-founder via or 07 385 84 98 24