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18th July 2023

A French beer for the Rugby World Cup

From September 16 to 24, 2023, Nice will host the Rugby World Cup 2023 ! Four group matches are scheduled at the Allianz Riviera stadium. So all the city expect many fans from all over the world. To welcome them as they should, La Brasserie Artisanale de Nice and Brasserie Bleue have collaborated to brew the “RUGBEER”!


A French IPA to ensure the after-game, or like we said in France : the 3rd half !

An Indian Pale Ale brewed with the best malts and hops from France. It’s the perfect beer to introduce the terroir and the French craft to English, Scottish and Japanese fans. Who will come to Nice to support their national team.

To discover the French terroir.

The idea of this French beer is to showcase products grown in France. To make the try, the Nice brewers chose the best of the best. In the front row, 3 hops from Alsace that bring flavors and bitterness to the RUGBEER. They are grown in Alsace, a historical producer of hops in France. In the second row are the malts of the South. These germinated and dried cereals which bring fermentable sugars, flavors, and colors to the beer, come from the Malterie Ardéchoise. It is the closest malting to Nice, they grow high-quality organic malts there.

Doing the best with the best is what they do all year. La Brasserie Artisanale de Nice has been brewing exceptional craft beers since 2015. Recognized several times at the Lyon International Competition or at the World Beer Awards. A quality that comes first from the choice of raw materials: selected as closely as possible and certified from Organic Farming. And by the brewing knowledge and passion of the brewer.

La Brasserie Bleue is a family brewery born out of a love of craft beer and the ambition to cultivate this industry on the French Riviera. All Bleue beers are imagined, brewed, and bottled by father and daughter at 15 rue Defly in Nice.

With this beer, the brewers of Nice want to support the XV of France as much as the French craft. They show that in France, we brew as well as we plate, and that this local artisanal sector is constantly evolving.

Craftsmanship in the heart of Nice

These two Nice breweries are actively fighting for the return of craftsmanship to the city. Indeed, since the rise of supermarkets and the dominance of industrial beers, it is rare to find authentic artisans in town. They have therefore settled in the heart of the city to offer a real Nice beer, while making French craftsmanship and regional products accessible.

To help this development, they favor independent neighborhood shops rather than supermarkets. These beers from Nice can therefore be found in delicatessens, wine cellars, and organic shops. Their beers are also on sale directly at their place of production, located in the Liberation district at 14 Avenue Villermont, 06000 Nice, for La Brasserie Artisanale de Nice and 15 rue Defly, 06000 Nice for Brasserie Bleue. Where will take place on September 16, an evening to celebrate the kick-off of the Rugby World Cup.

Press Contact

La Brasserie Artisanale de Nice La Brasserie Bleue
14 Avenue Villermont, 06000 Nice 15 rue Defly, 06000 Nice
Sébastien Tora Annamaria Deganutti
Tél : 06 12 98 46 01 Tél : 06 66 51 26 61

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