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2nd March 2023

A Hoppy Place sees double with SIBA business awards nominations

A Hoppy Place, SIBA’s 2021 Craft Beer Retailer Of The Year for a single outlet sees TWO nominations from SIBA in the 2023 business awards, with an award for the multiple outlet category in recognition of their successful crowdfunder to launch their Maidenhead business alongside a second successive nomination in the Online category.

A Hoppy Place’s Dave Hayward says:

“We are incredibly proud to have been nominated by SIBA for the third year in a row. The nomination is a huge testament to everyone that works at Hoppy, but I can’t understate how much I appreciate the work SIBA do and how much I appreciate the panel that considered us for these two awards. It’s been a very, very difficult year and I think our nomination leans into our facing that head on, lobbying local MPs, talking on podcasts and the radio, and doing everything¬†we can to defend this industry whilst still building our own business.

Once again, thank you for the nomination, and we’ll see the SIBA team and everyone else at Beer X to¬†hopefully celebrate a win!”

A Hoppy Place will be at SIBA Beer X in force, with Dave joined by co-founder Naomi, manager and beer judge Charlotte, business partner Ally from new joint venture INDIE RABBLE BREWING CO, and photographer & barman Callum during the two day event. As well as hopefully celebrating a win or two, Dave will be talking on a SIBA panel about the new bottleshop category of SIBA membership, what bottleshops need from the industry and how they in turn can help breweries in 2023.

For more information on A Hoppy Place, head to their website at or follow them on socials / send Dave an email

Press release from A Hoppy Place.

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