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12th August 2016

A new spin on “craft” beer: Airbräu, world’s only brewery-in-an-airport, presents “AirCraft”

Aircraft BeerExcellent news for beer aficionados: Airbräu, Munich Airport’s very own brewery, now has another craft beer creation on tap: “AirCraft”. The difference with Air-bräu’s latest brew: every step in the process is performed by hand using traditional methods. The artisanal concept even carried over to the logo design, the filling of the bottles and affixing the labels.


Classified as a “vollbier”, the golden, unfiltered AirCraft (4.9% alcohol by volume), is now on sale at Airbräu. Produced using hops from the nearby Hallertau region, this fruity brew is otherwise made with only water, barley malt and yeast, true to Germany’s old beer purity law that dates back to 1516. The craft beer matures in the fermentation tank for four to five weeks at a temperature of 3° Celsius before being bottled by hand by the brewmaster.


“Craft beer is anything but a passing fad,” says Gerhard Halamoda, the managing director of Munich Airport’s restaurant subsidiary allresto. “With this new variety, AirCraft, we are combining our enthusiasm for innovation with time-honored brewing traditions to offer a very special creation to customers visiting the world’s only brewery in an airport.”


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