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9th January 2024

A Thirst For Change: Toast Brewing Launches New Branding

  • Embedding activism
  • Championing bread
  • Taking a stand for nature

The new year means a new brand identity and purpose for pioneering anti-food waste brewery Toast Ale as it becomes Toast Brewing.

Started in 2015, Toast uses surplus bread in its brewing process, replacing 25% of barley with rescued loaves.

A new logo cements this fierce commitment to using surplus bread in brewing, whilst each of the four new beer identities drive a celebration of the natural world, depicting the oceans, forests, grasslands and arable land that Toast wants to protect through its work [photo download link in Notes to Editors].

A key pillar of the new brand also sees Toast Brewing taking their activism credentials to a new level, championing the natural world and protecting the planet. A recent example was a

legal challenge against the government, taken with the charity Feedback and other food waste campaigners, to reverse the u-turn on mandatory food waste reporting. Which resulted in a win as the new DEFRA Secretary committed to reopen it in early 2024.

Sustainability leaders joined buyers, brewers and campaigners at a recent Toast Brewing event at their taproom in Euston to mark their renewed focus on saving nature. It is the first in a series of activations in support of three brand commitments:

Firstly they are empowering citizens, reconnecting people with nature through the food we love. They’ll be telling the story of our food and championing those who are working with nature to produce it. Their aim is to join the dots between the simple actions we can all take to reduce waste and the positive impact we will have on nature.

Secondly they are supporting businesses and calling for others to work with them as ‘Companions’.They’ll be supporting businesses that are acting on food waste in their own operations, in their supply chains and helping their customers, or, like Toast, helping others to reduce waste by using surplus.

Thirdly they are putting pressure on the government to take food waste and environmental action seriously to achieve systemic change. They believe policy changes have the potential to incentivise farming in harmony with nature, make more space for nature and prevent waste. To do this, they want to see an environment that encourages action and sets a level playing field for proactive businesses.

Rob Wilson, CEO at Toast Brewing, said: “It’s time to stop being so polite about wasting food. We all know that earth’s natural resources are under attack when a third of all food is wasted. But this is obviously a huge concept, and we want to help people to act in any small way.

“Beer should be fun. At Toast we believe that we can take simple everyday actions to protect our planet. And Toast-drinkers everywhere are all playing a part.

“Since we started brewing, we have rescued over three and a half million slices of bread and turned them into beer. Not only does this prevent waste but also uses fewer natural resources for grains, like water and land, in the process.

“We think our new brand focus speaks to all the beer-lovers out there, the conscious consumers and the planet heroes. So, let’s raise a Toast to planet Earth!”

Toast and their campaigning partners will be outlining a manifesto for businesses and policy-makers to galvanise around the issue in early 2024.


For more information or to arrange interviews please contact Toast’s Marketing and Communications Manager Kristen Fuller at

About Toast Brewing

  • Toast brews beer using surplus fresh bread to prevent food waste and donates 100% of profits to environmental charities. Past partners include Feedback, Rainforest Trust UK and Felix Project.
  • The company has investment from Heineken, National Geographic and other impact investors.
  • Toast is stocked in Waitrose, Co-op and Ocado.
  • com | find Toast Brewing also on X/Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | LinkedIn

Notes to Editors

  1. Brand image download here.
  2. Lifestyle photography download here.
  3. Team, Louisa/Rob headshots here.

For more information or to arrange interviews please contact Toast’s Marketing and Communications Manager Kristen Fuller at

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