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7th May 2013


Award Winning Premium Swedish Lager Launches In The UK This Summer
Manchester based drinks marketers and distributers Chilli Marketing have announced the UK launch of award winning Åbro, a premium Swedish lager which will be available in the on trade from May. 
Brewed to German purity laws, Åbro is a well balanced and full flavoured premium Swedish lager. Carefully chosen ingredients ensure Åbro is of the highest quality. Spalt Select, Tarurus and Perle hops provide bitterness and an element of spiciness. A combination of Pilsner and Munich malts offer a sweetness to cut through the bitterness of the hops. The chilly Swedish climate makes barley grow slow and blossom wonderfully, giving an extra character to the malts. The final ingredient in Åbro is Europe’s most accredited pure mineral water, which is drawn from the spring that runs beneath the fourth generation family run brewery. 
Positioned as ‘The Swedish One’ the brand campaign is centered around the product’s Swedish roots, championing the fact the beer has followed the same brewing traditions since 1856 when the brewery was first established. Åbro fulfills the growing desire among discerning drinkers who are in seek of provenance, flavour and quality within their beer.
World lager is the fastest growing sector with packaged lagers worth £652m and seeing double digit growth of +11% YOY, whilst draught world lagers are worth £561m +18.6% YOY.
packaged world lager has overtaken packaged premium lager in terms of volume share in the last year. *
In April 2013 Åbro Lager won a gold medal in the prestigious Monde Selection. In the on-trade, beers from the Åbro brewery account for 8% of the Swedish market whilst it is the third biggest seller in the off-trade with 18.85% of the market share.
Gemma Copping, Marketing Director for Chilli Marketing says: “The swedes are perfectionists who don’t leave anything to chance, and their beers are certainly no exception. The Åbro brewery have spent three years crafting Åbro lager as an ideal lager for the beer enthusiast. With the world lager market in strong year on year growth, Åbro brings a unique offering to this sector of the market.”
Åbro is a well balanced lager with 5.1% ABV and is best served in the bespoke designed Polka Pilsner glass developed by the Swedish brewery. When intensely poured straight into the bottom of the tall, thin glass the ingredients infuse to stimulate the full flavour of the beer.
Åbro will be launched to the trade at Boutique Bar Show Manchester, on the 1st May where the brewmaster Lennarth Anemyr will be hosting exclusive beer masterclasses within our unique pop up experience. 
For those who can’t make it to Manchester, the pop up will be recreated at Imbibe Live on the 2nd and 3rd of July. 
For more information please contact DawBell Brands:
0203 327 7168
Notes to Editors:
*Data Source: CGA Brand Index MAT to 1.12.12
Abro Brewery
For four generations, Åbro has been run by the same family.  Åbro was founded in 1856 and has kept on brewing the finest beer ever since. In a time when brewing companies are larger and larger – expanding across borders – we’ll stick to our ideal. Knowing that if you’re an independent, family-owned brewery, you can always keep on brewing exactly the kind of beer you really want to make.
Winners: Champion Smallpack Lager, The International Brewing Awards 2013
Chilli Marketing:
Chilli was founded by Gareth Whittle, Kieron Barton & Christian Barton.  Having drunk Cusqueña lager in Peru they quit their jobs, maxed- out  credit cards and set up a business to bring it to the UK!