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11th June 2013

Admiral Produce 18-Step Guide for Budding Landlords

Community pub group Admiral Taverns has produced an essential 18-step guide to help new landlords build a profitable pub business.

 The guide, which includes tips for front of house, back office and ‘beyond’ is designed to give a comprehensive overview of the fundamental practices required for success.
 The British pub is a time-honoured institution, but one that is sadly under threat, with an estimated 18 UK establishments closing every week. To succeed in a tough industry, landlords must be on top of every aspect of the business, and that includes proactive marketing as well as effective management and housekeeping.
 Highlighting ways to address current industry challenges, like luring custom away from supermarket deals and through the doors, the guide aims to help landlords keep on top of all the roles they have to undertake, from MD and Finance Director, to HR Manager and all-round friend to the people.
 A landlord’s job involves a lot more than being a friendly face behind a bar. Creating the right atmosphere for customers is essential, but so is keeping a firm grasp on the books, training and motivating staff and finding inventive ways to increase business.
 Admiral Taverns is the UK’s number one community pub group, and is currently in ownership of some 1,200 establishments throughout the country. The group’s focus is to build strong community-focused pubs with passionate and committed people in charge.
Click here to see the complete guide.

Jennifer Bowden