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25th July 2017

Alcohol Information Partnership comment on report on alcohol by the Foundation for Liver Research

Please find below the Alcohol Information Partnership  response to media coverage of the report from the Foundation for Liver Research “Financial Case for Action on  Liver Disease”.

It is worth noting that in 2014 the leading anti-alcohol campaigner and liver specialist Professor Ian Gilmore said that “ if we could get back to where we were in the UK, say, 30 to 40 years ago in our per capita consumption and we would see a huge benefit in health.’ This level of consumption has already been achieved yet anti-alcohol campaigners are now calling for ever more regulations.

Dave Roberts, Director General of the Alcohol Information Partnership, said:

“According to Government data, alcohol consumption per capita across the UK has been falling year on year for over a decade and is now at a similar level to 40 years ago.  The most recent Government data again shows that the vast majority of people drink within the Chief Medical Officers guidelines, young adults are drinking less year on year, underage drinking is in decline and alcohol-related crime and disorder is falling.

“There remain some individuals that are causing harm to themselves and others by drinking too much.   It is in everyone’s interest to tackle these specific problems and the alcohol industry is committed to targeted partnership projects involving retailers, licensees, charities and the industry to change behaviour and reduce harm.  These projects are in part responsible for the welcome changes in excessive consumption and will continue regardless of the Supreme Court’s decision on Minimum Unit Pricing or the ever more strident demands for increased prices and restrictions on sales from the anti-alcohol lobby.”


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Dave Roberts

Director General

Alcohol Information Partnership

Tel: +447733323350