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20th November 2023

All About… Pilsner (Get your tickets today!)

Don’t miss out on the next in our All About…Beer series!

All About… Pilsner will run at 8pm Central European Time on Thursday December 7th and will be presented by Christian Andersen and Jens Eiken

From loathed to loved. The pilsner style – or more correct pilsner styles – was loathed by the craft beer brewers and beer lovers for many years in the beer revolution. Pilsner was – and is – the industy beer über alles. More than 90 percent of all beer in the world is pilsner. Today the fine art of brewing the perhaps most difficult of beer styles is finally embraced by the craft beer brewers. In this presentation we will explain the many pilsner styles and flavours. We will try to reveal the secrets behind the fine pilsner and highlight some of our favourites.

Christian Andersen is a prized beer writer and blogger. He is the author and translator of several books about beer. Skilled journalist and communications consultant. Christian is a former delegate to the committee of the European Beer Consumers Union from The Danish Beer Enthusiasts. 
Jens Eiken is a former Master Brewer in managerial roles at Carlsberg, the Jacobsen Brewhouse, Molson Coors Brewing Company, Royal Unibrew, Novozymes & Carlsberg Research Laboratory. Jens is now working as Global Product Manager, Brewing & Distilling, at IFF.

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“All About Beer” are short informative online workshops organised by the EBCU for delegates and members.

The workshops are run by the European Beer Consumers Union (EBCU) and are open to members of all affiliated organisations.

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