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21st February 2022

All About…. The first in a series of short online workshops focussing on a beer style. Thursday 3rd March 19.30 CET / 18.30 GMT

All About… Gose presented by Markus Raupach and Matthias Richter

There are many rumours about the historic German beer style of Gose. It did not originate in Leipzig, today’s main Gose brewing city. In fact, it all started in a benedictine monastery in the 14th century. What about the taste? How salty and sour should a real Gose be? What about fruits and spices? And what about the iconic Gose bottle with the long, almost endless neck?

Markus Raupach, Beer writer, Beer judge and President of the German Beer Consumers Union gives an interesting insight, together with a famous german Gose brewer.

Matthias Richter from Bayerischer Bahnhf in Leipzig is known to many as “Mr. Gose“

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