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5th December 2012

ALL BEER launches the first guide to beer tasting, beer styles and flavours in French


Extending the range of inspiring ALL BEER gifts, so you don’t have to resort to socks, ties and novelty slippers again this year…

Guild member Alex Barlow has not been cosying up at home and preparing for Christmas. Instead he’s been jetting off to Montreal and in now planning a Eurostar trip to Paris for the French language launch of ALL BEER ‘Le guide de dégustation’. The guide is a previous runner-up in the Guilds National Journalism award and with a host of other medals to it’s name including ‘World’s Best Beer Book’.

The Quebec launch took place on 14th November at the Dieu du Ciel! Brewpub in central Montreal, where Alex turned his hand to a celebratory collaboration brew, along with head brewer Jean-Francois Gravel. The barley wine, crafted to mimic red-wine flavour characteristics was dubbed ‘Ale X Barlo-wine’ by the DDC brewing team, and the name stuck. UK ale lovers will get a chance to sample this and a range of outstanding Dieu du Ciel! (which translates to ‘God in heaven!’) beers early next year, contact for more information.


Next, Alex will be in Paris for the mainland Europe launch at 7PM on Monday 10th December. The launch will be hosted by the first genuine craft beer bar in Paris,      ‘La Fine Mousse’, run by Alex’s friends Laurent Cicurel & Cyril Lalloum, who commented “we first met Alex at Mondial de la Bière in Strasbourg, 2010. We both bought his ALL BEER Experience and were inspired to start beer education events and open a beer bar, so we’re very proud to host the launch of ‘Le guide de dégustation’”


The new French version of the popular ALL BEER Guide joins a wide range of beer-inspired gifts just in time for Christmas, accessed from and fulfilled by the ever-reliable Amazon. The range includes:


ALL BEER Experience: The ultimate beer discovery pack

This stylish beer gift bag contains the award-winning, contemporary guide to ALL (Ale, Lager and Lambic) beer styles and their flavours plus an interactive experience pack with crystal Flavourmax™ tasting glass, malt and hop flavour samples. The perfect present for Dad to get stuck into on Christmas Day.


ALL BEER Guide/ Le guide de dégustation

Written by Alex Barlow, Master Brewer and founder of ALL BEER, this easy-to-read, up-to-date guide to ALL BEER styles and their flavours is not just a darn good read; it’s also received international recognition, winning four awards including ‘World’s Best Beer Book’.



A stylishly designed crystal glass created to enhance and maximise the flavour of any beer. This is now a confirmed favourite of expert beer tasters and regularly used at tasting competitions. The Flavourmax™ glass is the only way beer should be enjoyed on Christmas Day.



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More about ALL BEER:

We are passionate about beer, dedicated to inform and to educate. We aim to inspire our customers, informing about FLAVOUR, inspiring DISCOVERY and empowering their CHOICE of beer. We want more people to enjoy responsibly a wide variety of beer, on a wide variety of occasions. is the most detailed online flavour resource for each of the nearly 1,000 beers entered, from the niche to the mainstream, whether Ale, Lager or Lambic (A.L.L.) beers in cask, keg, bottle or can.


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About Alex Barlow

“My passion for beer started with my first job, as cellar-man at my local pub. I’ve over 25 years international brewing and retail trade experience. I’m a qualified Master Brewer working as a brewing consultant and presenter, sommelier and beer judge and am author of the award winning ALL BEER Guide.