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5th November 2019

Announcing BADRAG ‘Mild Time’ to help revive Mild Ale!

Mild Time is a campaign to promote mild ale, running from Wednesday 20th until Sunday 24th November 2019. This is the first time this promotion has taken place and it is organised by BADRAG, the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) Bristol And District Rare Ales Group.

Mild is a rare style of ale that in recent years has been gaining supporters. Once very common in the UK including the South West. It is low in bitterness, often malty, nutty and very easy drinking. There is a myth that it always has a low ABV (alcohol by volume), but low ABVs were introduced in the Victorian era to avoid factory workers returning from lunch a bit tipsy. Stronger mild ales, such as Sarah Hughes Dark Ruby at 6% ABV, sell very well and often the word ‘Mild’ is omitted from the name on the pump clip, so ask the bar staff which is the mild ale if it is not obvious to you, or look out for the CAMRA mild pump crowner. 

For details of the local breweries and pubs taking part and of the six events CAMRA – BADRAG is organising during Mild Time go to

See for over a hundred pubs that support BADRAG. 

For more information about BADRAG and Mild Time please contact Laurie Gibney Tel 07504 336404

The aim of BADRAG is to promote the rarer styles of real ale, in particular dark beers such as mild alesstouts and porters, plus the even rarer old ales and barley wines.