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2nd November 2023

Apple and pear wines by the carafe & glass

Delicious… sustainable… authentic… artisan: 100% juice, not-from-concentrate wines made from apples and pears… now in kegs and available by the carafe and the glass!

Attention all wine enthusiasts! Prepare yourself for an extraordinary journey into a world of delectable flavours with 100% juice, not-from-concentrate wines crafted from apples and pears. These exquisite creations are now conveniently available in kegs and can be savoured by the carafe or glass!

Trialled with CAMRA UK Cider Pub of the Year 2022, The Hop Inn Hornchurch, owner, drinks educator and cider pommelier,Alison Taffs, said of the first kegs to be placed in the UK:

“The clean, crisp, authentic flavours of the Ramborn cider and perry are appreciated by The Hop Inn’s customers who love this different approach. There is no doubt that the carafes and glasses enhance the perception and drinking experience of these wonderful artisan drinks”.

The perception of ciders, perries and fruit wines amongst consumers is very low.  Cider Is Wine is therefore encouraging consumers to appreciate these drinks as being true wines made from apples, pears and other fruits only when produced exclusively from 100% juice, not from concentrate: i.e made in exactly the same way as grape wines.  When they see the hologram or Cider is Wine certification on a bottle or product POS, they can be sure of its quality.

Alistair Morrell CEO of Cider Is Wine said:

“We are not suggesting that cider is wine, or indeed wine is cider, but that these authentic, artisan drinks, fermented exclusively from 100% juice, not using concentrate, deserve our appreciation as much as any fine wine. The kegs, along with the innovative Cider Is Wine carafes and glassware, help in changing those perceptions.”

It’s time to discover the refinement, grace, and sheer deliciousness of these beverages that deserve a place alongside grape wines.

All the wines from apples, pears and other fruits that Cider Is Wine sells are harvested just once per year, meticulously crafted from 100% fresh-pressed juice, without any concentrates, showcasing their origin, the dedicated producers, the exceptional varietals – truly embodying the essence of wines in every sense.

In addition to their 100% not-from-concentrate fruit content, our apple and pear wines boast a naturally lower alcohol content – approximately half that of most grape wines. They are also gluten-free and vegan-friendly, perfectly aligning with the trend of choosing healthier and better drinking options.


Cider Is Wine defines the sector for real, artisan ciders and perries made exclusively from 100% juice, not from concentrate, reflecting where they come from, who produced them, the varietals that made them, and the year in which they were harvested – wines by any other name.

Whereas there is a globally accepted standard for grape wine production, underpinned by law – it must be “a product obtained exclusively from the total or partial alcoholic fermentation of fresh grapes” –there is no such standard for ciders and perries which, here in the UK, can be made from just 35% juice, all of which can be from concentrate, with over 50 permitted E numbers. Reconstituted, homogenised and anonymised, these are hardly authentic when consumers want to drink the real deal.

100% not-from-concentrate fruit content means the apple and pear wines we sell are redolent of their ‘terroir’ and chock full of personality. They’re also naturally lower in alcohol – indeed, on average about half the alcohol of most grape wines – as well as being gluten free and vegan friendly, so very much part of the general move to drinking less, but better and healthier living.

Available in 20 litre kegs, designed to be served in branded wine-style carafes and wine glasses, the serve sizes offer flexibility and great value for consumers…



Ramborn is Luxembourg’s leading producer using only 100% freshly pressed and fermented juice with no concentrates from apples and pears grown exclusively in traditional orchards consisting of large, standard trees.

That is to say, the company uses no industrial plantations, no monoculture bush trees, and all the fruit is locally grown in what they call ‘meadow orchards’ – carefully managed orchards that need no sprays or fertilisers (just love and attention) – sourced from some 120 farmsteads located within 50 kilometres of the cidery.

As part of the company’s concern for Nature Ramborn is also B Corp certified and carbon negative.

You can taste the ‘terroir’ together with skill and passion that goes into every bottle.

Tasting is believing!


CAMRA London Cider Pub of the Year 2023, UK Cider & Perry Pub of the Year 2022, CAMRA London Pub of the Year 2021 & 2022

The Hop Inn Micropub is part of a movement aiming to create independent small spaces, free from brewery tie, slot machines, TVs, or beeping and ringing mobiles. A welcoming, relaxed and friendly place for locals and visitors, and passionate about sourcing great, proper ciders and perries made from whole fruit, to show the huge possibilities of this traditional drink with it’s wonderful history. They believe that cider should be made with real apple juice, and perry from perry pears, and aim to showcase some of the delicious and complex flavours that are possible.

Contact: Alistair Morrell,

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