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25th February 2021

Are you #missingthepub? Campaign for Pubs calls on all pub- lovers to express how much they are missing our pubs!

The Campaign for Pubs is calling on the nation’s pub-lovers to express how much they are missing the pub, to highlight the role that pubs play in people’s lives and in communities all over the UK. 

The #missingthepub campaign allows all those who love the pub – pub-goers, publicans, brewers and suppliers to post on an online pub noticeboard to express how much they are missing the pub and to show their support to get our world-famous pubs through the current crisis.

With all UK pubs currently closed and not set to open for weeks at the earliest, the #missingthepub campaign encourages people to think of their favourite things about the pub, the things they love and normally can take for granted; the things that we look forward to doing again when pubs can finally reopen.

We can’t currently meet in the pub, we can’t put the world to rights over a drink and a chat, so this is a chance for everyone who values pubs and our pub culture to join in the conversation virtually and say why they are #missingthepub.

Pubs need proper support to get through this crisis and will need support to get them back on their feet. We need Government to pledge to do this, including in the budget next week and provide more support till pubs open again – as well as allowing pubs to reopen as soon they say they can safely do so.

The Campaign for Pubs is asking everyone who loves pubs to share the link and post on social media, to interact with family, friends and others and ask them to join in and say why are #missingthepub.

Greg Mulholland, Campaign Director for the Campaign for Pubs said:
“All of us who value our nation’s pubs and our unique pub culture are missing the pub and the way we meet others and enjoy the company of friends and strangers alike. So we’re starting an online conversation, to allow everyone who loves pubs to express why they are missing the pub.

“We need Governments to support pubs in all four home nations, including in the Budget next week and then for everyone to get out and support them when they can finally open, but for now let’s think of all those things that we really love about our local pubs and say why we’re #missing the pub”.

Dawn Hopkins, Vice Chair of the Campaign for Pubs and a publican in Norwich said:

“Our world famous pubs in cities, towns and villages are closed and silent and we all look forward to when they can finally open again and serve their communities. Without their local pub, there has been a real issue with social isolation and loneliness for many people, both customers and publicans. We can now start to look forward to our pubs finally opening again but for now, let’s all express what makes our pubs special and why we are #missingthepub”.


Notes to editors

  1. The Campaign for Pubs exists to provide a real voice for pubs, bringing together publicans, customers and brewers and all who value our pub culture. The Campaign for Pubs has been formed precisely due to the lack of a real voice for pubs and publicans and to campaign for the needs of pubs and publicans, not the large property companies, big brewers and pub chains.  The Campaign for Pubs campaigns for a better, freer and fairer, more sustainable pub sector as laid out in the mission statement. The Campaign for Pubs costs £25 a year to join, or £40 for a couple and members become part of a national network of those who care about pubs and their future.


  1. The Campaign for Pubs is a member organisation of the British Pub Confederation (the Confederation of independent organisations representing pubs and pub campaigners) and the Campaign for Pubs will administer and support the ongoing work of the Confederation to further strengthen representation for pubs and publicans.

Press release from Campaign for Pubs

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