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22nd January 2024

Arkell’s Brewery Beer Releases 2024

Over the past few years, our seasonal beer releases have developed and matured, almost like a complex old barrel aged stout!  We have delved into single hop and single malt beer collections, indulged in fruit flavoured beers (Tinge of Ginge being a stand out favourite), trialed celebration beers, classic styles, more modern styles, and even brewed a bread based beer.  In the brewhouse, we try to be led by our loyal drinkers and preferences and trends, while also developing our own knowledge and brewing skills, using these opportunities to try out ideas we’ve often discussed in our weekly beer tastings.

For 2024, we are once again introducing a number of brand new, one off beers alongside a few returning favourites. We are celebrating the changing seasons with our styles throughout this year.  Sir Noel Ale is a Christmas must have, and Spring Hopper has also cemented itself as a regular seasonal favourite, but we kick off the year with the timeless Kingsdown making a comeback.  First brewed in the late 1960’s, and once a staple feature at Arkell’s, locally this one is always extremely popular.

Introducing three brand new recipes for 2024.

First up is Summer Saison. We brewed our first Saison style beer in 2022.  Saison is a traditional style of beer where we utilise wild natural yeasts to ferment the sugars, giving the beer unusual spicy and intense fruity flavours.  Saisons were seasonal beers in the old days, where brewing was done in the cold winter months to control the fermentations and then drunk in the warmer summer months during harvests.

Then, as the weather turns, anticipate our Winter Warmer.  This beer will be chocolaty, velvety and indulgent, perfect for sipping by the pub fires.  To add a twist to this dark stout, we are going to introduce some chocolate orange.  Sounds so good, we couldn’t resist!

Between these two seasonal brews, we are planning to release another first from Arkell’s – a collaboration… or collab if you’re a cool craft brewer! Beginning with a gentle introduction to collab brews, we thought we’d keep it in the family and work with Johnny Arkell at Donnington Brewery.  They have a particularly unique spring water, giving Donnington beers a distinctive character, which we are hoping to replicate.  The beer style will be a dark lager.  In German, these are knows as Dunkel, hence the beer’s name Donkels. Clever?…maybe we should stick to brewing!

Have a great 2024.


Alex Arkell

Contact: Helen Ryan,

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