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20th March 2013

Arran Brewery to become “Gypsy Brewers”

As a direct result of the brewery being turned down for a grant by the Scottish Government which would have seen the brewery increase production capacity ten fold and have created 76 jobs.   Arran has had to change its strategy and is now embarking on a “Gypsy Strategy”.   This is where the brewery will make its beer in other breweries around the world rather than simply exporting its beer from Scotland.

 International Marketing Manager Veronica Michaluk said:  “Clearly this changes our whole focus from making and exporting beer to training and sending brewers all over the world to make Arran Ales in other countries. This reduces substantially our carbon footprint and will enable a little bit of Arran to be found in other parts of the world”.

 Arran Brewery Training Supervisor Paul McCluskey said “ We can make a very good likeness to Arran Ales by adding natural salts to local waters so as to impersonate Arran water, by using the same whole hops and other natural ingredients, type of equipment, yeast and of course the most important ingredient an Arran Brewer. However, if tasted side by side with Arran made beer the differences may be noticeable”.

 Managing Director Gerald Michaluk added:  “The entire production from Arran will only be enough to satisfy demand in Scotland for our beers, where Arran Blonde is the best Selling craft beer and the tenth best selling Ale. Hence, without the grant funds to expand on Arran we will take Arran to other markets by becoming Gypsy brewers and making and distributing our beer in the country we would have been exporting to.  It is a strategy not without risk but it is greener than simply exporting beer.

 It is a parody of Scotland’s history where our own country won’t support its native industry and the people are forced to seek opportunities overseas”.

 The Arran Brewery Guesthouse and Brewery on Arran will become a training centre for evangelical brewers who will be sent overseas to bring Arran Ales to the beer lovers of the world.



Gerald Michaluk

Managing Director

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