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15th June 2022


The Spark House offers a new cultural spot in the Leyton/Walthamstow area;  iconic DJ sets, installations from  up and coming artists and much more, making this a one-stop playhouse for Londoners

The Spark House, located in Leyton and at the edge of Walthamstow, brings a cultural and eclectic hub for Londoners to experience the best of East London. Owned by The Laine Pub Company, The Spark House has taken over an old-school English pub and transformed it into a modern and artistic space featuring the best DJs and vivid digital art installations that provide an otherworldly atmosphere for guests.

The stripped down interiors of the pub are distinctively raw, making it the perfect home for contemporary electronic DJs, ideal for those looking for carefully selected rhythms and grooving. The Spark House kicks off its first of many ongoing series of events featuring a collaboration with music agency Into the Woods on 2 July from 2pm to 2am. Taking centre stage will be the finest DJs and producers London has to offer with a multitude of sounds and spins. The line up includes the Romanian-born Lumieux, a well established DJ who has been described as having an ‘unquestionable native sense of sound’.  Pub-goers will experience a new frequency of sounds and mixes at The Spark House, as they experience this auditory journey.

Lumieux has previously played at the likes of  Sunwaves, Waha, Goosebumps, Meduza, and Stump London. As well as producing EPs for major record labels such as Dissonant, UVAR and many others. Other DJs such as Rupert Ellis  are also part of the line up. Rupert’s burgeoning talent is the result of years of mastering the craft and honing his skills, rendering him one of the upcoming names to look out for in the electronic music scene. He draws influence from such labels as Freak ’n’ Chic,  Joule, Apollonia, and Half Baked.  The line up of Into the Woods will be spinning decks all day, so guests can enjoy the full discography of different house, techno, and electronic sounds. More information on the full list of DJs and producers is  available below.

The Spark House have created the perfect marriage between music and art, showcasing visual art by Daisy Dickinson as well as other visual artists such as Sapphire Goss, Rob Shields, Mary Sea, Marta Salogni, Tasos Stamou, Analog A/V Synthesis and Karel Doing. Guests will experience a creative mirage with a variety of art installations involving tape machines, reels, loops and moving photography techniques projected on the walls paired with electronic soundtracks, all of which promise to be multisensory and an immersive experience. Daisy has also previously showcased at the likes of The Tate Modern, The BFI London Film Festival, CERN in Geneva, and Kraftwerk in Berlin.

Whilst Londoners immerse themselves in the rich and transcendent art and music that The Spark House has to offer, customers can tuck into a comforting array of gastropub worthy small plates such as Korean Cauliflower bites, Chilli Cheese Quesadilla and classics such as Mac n Cheese and Buratta with Marinated Tomato. Sundays also bring forth a succulent Sunday Roast which include a sharing platter of whole chicken or chateaubriand steak. Of course, customers can also enjoy fresh pints of craft beer from Laine Pub Company’s own kegs, wines and house spirits.

To find out more about The Sparks House visit A full list of upcoming events at The Spark House can be found in the annex below.


About The Spark House

The Spark House is a beacon of light and electronic sounds located in the heart of Leyton and Walthamstow. Digital art projections on both the inside and outside of the venue provide an otherworldly atmosphere with fantastical works of light sculpture from the most inspiring local artists. The Spark House’s mission is to champion local talent through art and music that is guaranteed to blow your mind. The stripped back warehouse space will be home to a selection of contemporary electronic DJs, creating an unprecedented marriage of art, music and entertainment.



Full Line Up for Into The Woods – Jul 2, 2pm to 2am

Rupert Ellis 

East London local Rupert Ellis will also be spinning on July 2nd. Rupert’s burgeoning talent is the result of years of mastering the craft and honing his skills, rendering him one of the upcoming names to look out for in the electronic music scene. Rupert draws influence from such labels as Freak ’n’ Chic,  Joule, Apollonia, and Half Baked. Rupert is also a resident and co-founder of electronic label Circa Groove. Circa has a plethora of high-end releases on its roster, including the likes of Rhadow, Politics Of Dancing, Djebali, Liquid Earth as well as Rupert himself.


With West African and English heritage, Azire has used a dystopian connection to produce sounds that are embodied in spirituality with shades of electronic music. Azire’s focus leans strongly towards the Ro-minimal sub-genre with sounds that are precise, subtle and flavourful. He has played for many of London’s best minimal parties such as Pleasureroom Records, Calidad, Smthelse and Beeyou.


Romanian born Lumieux is a force to be reckoned with. His lustrous career has led him to release EPs for labels such as Dissonant, Subtil Rec, Antrakt, UVAR and Particular, to name a few. He has also performed at showstopping clubs such as Guesthouse, Elysia Basel, Parker Lewis Manheim, Gazgoler, Circolo Andrea Doria and Avantgarden Moscow.


Kas’ musical journey dates back to early 2013 when he first discovered his love of electronic music. Exploring a full spectrum of genres from house to techno whilst developing his ear and crafting his own personal sound. Currently with a handful of independent releases under his belt, Kas has recently signed his breakthrough release, joining the roster at Nima Gorji’s label NG TRAX. Other releases include Ranura Records, Unk Planet, and Ekoute Sa Poto with support from the likes of Modebaku, Direkt, Swoy Mihai Pol.

Upcoming acts at The Spark House

Emperor Mixes: (17th June 2022)

Founded by DJ and producer Johan Weiss from Subotica, Emperor Mixes is a record label that brings melodic House & Techno, Progressive House, Deep House and much more. With over 20 years of experience in the electronic music scene, Emperor Mixes will bring soulful tracks from the likes of  Animism that evokes an element of spirituality in their sound. Emperor Mixes will also be playing spins from ‘JUK JUK’ Caleb Waterman, a dynamite DJ who has curated playlists for soundcloud stations such as Temporazie.

Plastic Infinite:  (23rd July 2022)

An audiovisual duo, Sculpture musician Dan Hayhurst and visual artist/animator Reuben Sutherland, who tour temporary states of digital/physical recomposition, device misuse, comic strips, video art & multisensory perception. Utilising a chaotic library of zootropic prints, Sutherland’s visual turntablism combines pre-cinema imaging with cutting-edge digital techniques in hallucinatory loops and cut ups which connects with Hayhurst’s volatile electronic music forms, free associations pursuing an obscure logic

Press release from The Spark House


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