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10th July 2024

Asahi UK teams up with LWC to reduce road-miles by incentivising more efficient and sustainable deliveries

  • Initiative will see LWC depot teams competing to streamline logistics and reduce road-miles
  • Project aims to remove up to 245 tonnes of CO2 per year from current vehicle deliveries*
  • Targets are set and rewarded by tree planting in partnership with environmental charity Thames21

A new initiative from Asahi UK in partnership with LWC – the UK’s largest independent drinks wholesaler – aims to save 245 tonnes of C02 per year*, by taking up to 450 vehicle journeys off the road. In addition, the partnership aims to plant over 3,700** trees to help restore UK nature.

The project encourages LWC depots across England and Wales to place fewer but larger orders to ensure that deliveries are as productive and efficient as possible.

To provide teams with a meaningful incentive to get involved, Asahi UK will also reward successful depots by planting an incremental number of trees, depending on the depot size and target achieved. If the depots hit all their vehicle reduction goals, the partnership aims to plant over 3,700** trees, supporting the effort to restore the UK’s natural environment.

The tree planting will be led by Thames 21, a leading environmental charity working across London and the Thames River basin. Tree planting forms a key part of their mission by creating habitats that boost biodiversity, sequester carbon and reduce soil erosion & water pollution from farm run-off, protecting local rivers.

Tim Clay, Managing Director of Asahi UK whose brand portfolio includes Peroni Nastro Azzurro, Asahi Super Dry, Grolsch and Fullers commented:

“We are delighted to be working with one of our key partners LWC and Thames 21 on this fantastic initiative. The project’s work reducing road-miles is a great example of how we can work with our partners to tackle our scope 3 emissions and work towards our Legacy 2030 sustainability targets. Reducing emissions throughout our supply chain is a key focus for our business, and we will only achieve this by working in partnership with our suppliers and customers.”

Ebrahim Mukadam, Managing Director at LWC, commented:

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Asahi UK on such an important initiative. As a wholesale distributor and a corporate citizen, we have a responsibility to both people and planet to operate as sustainably as possible and are always looking for new and innovative ways to do this.

“When Asahi first presented the project idea to us back in the spring, we knew we had to do it. Having just launched our sustainability committee, we had already started to make great headway with a number of sustainability-focused initiatives, but these all centred around our own internal processes and assets. This project is looking at the bigger, broader supply chain picture.

“If we are to really progress the sustainability agenda, it is imperative that our industry pulls together, and that is exactly what this partnership is about.”

Tom Whitehead, Corporate Partnerships Manager at Thames 21, commented, “We are delighted to work alongside Asahi UK and LWC on this welcome initiative that will hopefully result in thousands of trees being planted. This initiative will deliver tangible environmental benefits, both in terms of reducing supply chain carbon emissions but also helping to restore British nature”

The project was launched on the 26th June at LWC’s support centre with the LWC management team. Results will be tracked monthly, and depots will see their first trees due to be planted in the autumn 2025.


Notes to Editors

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About Asahi UK

Asahi UK is a subsidiary of Asahi Europe & International and is responsible for sales, marketing and customer operations across the UK and Ireland. Though the portfolio of Super Premium Beer brands, Asahi UK enriches consumer experiences through innovation, high-quality service and an exceptional portfolio of premium beer, ale, and cider brands, which include Peroni Nastro Azzurro (PNA), Asahi Super Dry (ASD, Meantime, Fuller’s London Pride and Cornish Orchards. The Woking based business is focused on developing quality, super premium brands and delivering commercial value in the marketplace, through a strong belief in collaboration, customer excellence and people development.

*Asahi and LWC are committed to meaningful, impactful and transparent sustainability data. Emissions reductions calculations based on every depot achieving their load target and the associated vehicle reductions. Calculation uses average mileage for the vehicles from the haulier as well as BEIS emissions factor for diesel fuel. Well-to-tank emissions as well as back-haul adjustments are included in the calculations.

** Based on achieving maximum results for the targets set. The tree planting focuses on regeneration of natural environment and habitats, with a focus on biodiversity and river health. Carbon credits will not be created from the tree planting and it will not be used for offsetting. Trees due to be planted in Autumn 2025 by Thames21 as part of the Roding Farm Cluster programme

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