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4th November 2022

At 6ixes & 7evens!

Powderkeg release their final draught special for 2022

Powderkeg aren’t really into labels and putting things in boxes. Well, they are – obviously their delicious beers are often labelled and boxed – but when it comes to prescribed beer styles they always prefer to put a twist on things and blur the lines.

“We struggle to put a label on 6ixes & 7evens,” explains head brewer, John. “It doesn’t really sit in a box. It’s a concoction that has a certain Britishness in the depth and complexity of the malt, but then it has a very obviously west coast character from the secret blend of hops. So we call it a West Coast Amber, but really, it’s more complicated than that…”

The name 6ixes & 7evens refers to the precise muddle of 6 malts and 7 hops that make up the rich citrus and spice flavour, but the moniker also indicates that this is a beer which is hard to pin down, and will make you feel a little topsy turvy.

This is the third showing for this seasonal special; the last outing was in 2018 when it won silver and bronze medals in the SIBA awards. As always, the team have tweaked the recipe to improve flavour and balance, with a slightly different hop bill. The massive melange of hops and malts could easily descend into confusion, but the Powderkeg brewing expertise tames the chaos into something wild yet wonderful. The flavour profile is rich and delicious with those lovely spice notes and raisin tones.

6ixes & 7evens is available now in 9g cask and 440ml cans for order information for further press info or samples

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