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2nd September 2022

Attention Forward Planners: Historic brew day marks 20 years of Government’s ‘Small Breweries Relief’ scheme

Press Photo Opportunity:

Independent London brewery Five Points Brewing Co. are hosting an historic brew day (Tues 6th September) to mark the 20-year anniversary of Small Breweries’ Relief – the introduction of which led to the huge growth in British breweries over the last two decades.

The brew day takes place ahead of a Westminster Adjournment Debate on the Impact of Small Breweries Relief that evening (approx. 7pm) tabled by Owen Thompson MP.

When: 9am – 3pm, Tuesday 6th September

Address: Five Points Brewery, 61 Mare St, London E8 4RG

Contact: Neil Walker, SIBA Press Office:

Full Detail:

A very special one-off collaboration beer is being brewed by brewing industry representatives who have been instrumental in the introduction and success of Small Breweries’ Relief over the last twenty years, a prominent MP and Chief Whip, and Senior representatives from the Society of Independent Brewers.

Small Breweries’ Relief (SBR) was a result of direct Government pressure by the Society of Independent Breweries; Introduced twenty years ago it allowed smaller breweries to pay a proportional amount of beer duty based on their beer production, helping them to compete with the dominant national and international brewers. Since its introduction SBR has led to a huge growth in the number of British craft breweries and is the reason we have such a diverse range of beers to choose from today.

The beer itself will feature all-British grown malt and carefully selected hops, the names of which form the letters SBR: Sovereign, Bullion and Relentless (the latter of which is a brand-new experimental British hop).

What can be photographed?

The brewing process at a small independent craft brewery lends itself well to photo or video recording as the process is very-much hands on, with very little in the process of brewing automated as it would be at a large National brewery.

Depending on the time of arrival: Photographers can see the water being added to the raw malted barley, hops being added to the beer, the mash tun being manually dug out after the beer is ready to be drained off the malt, as well as casks of beer being transferred or pints being poured in the taproom. The whole brewing process from grain to glass can be on display on one day at an independent craft brewery, and this day will be a very special brew.

Interviewees / attendees:

Roy Allkin, (Current SIBA Chairman)

Keith Bott (SIBA Chairman when SBR introduced)

Peter Haydon (SIBA CEO when SBR introduced)

Owen Thompson MP (Midlothian MP & SNP Chief Whip)

Eddie Gadd (Brewer and SBR campaigner)

Andy Hayward (SIBA SE Regional Chair)

Greg Hobbs (Head Brewer Five Points)

Barry Watts (SIBA Head of Public Affairs)

Neil Walker (SIBA Head of Comms)

Press release from SIBA.

For further information contact the SIBA Press Office via