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4th November 2022

Backing London Black: Anspach & Hobday completes expansion to keep up with demand for their independent Nitro Porter

Thursday 3rd November 2022 – Independent London-based craft brewery Anspach & Hobday have announced the completion of their expansion following their hugely successful 2021 crowdfunding campaign.

The raise was to deliver for a sky-rocketing demand for London Black, their independent Nitro Porter and local answer to Guinness. The final investment figure of £661k achieved more than double their target of £300k. Sales of London Black have exploded in line with the expansion growing to 66% of the total brewery’s current production.

The new kit brings Anspach & Hobday from a 1400L batch  kit to a 4000L batch kit, bringing their yearly capacity from 333,000 litres to 1,000,000 litres, equating to up to 1.76m pints a year. The new brew kit sets the foundations to even grow far beyond that into the future with additional tank space.

Anspach & Hobday are proud to have worked with an all star team of British manufacturers in the construction of their new kit, with Fabdec’s Britanx from Ellesmere creating the five new 8000L fermentation vessels and 6ix Process Design from Templecombe designing and building the brewing house. The kettle on the brew house is fired by Nuneaton’s Lanemark Combustion Engineering bringing together a full house of British industry for the purpose of growing local and independent beer.

Anspach & Hobday’s award-winning London Black provides drinkers and publicans with a true craft alternative to macro stouts, such as Diageo’s Guinness, in London, across the UK and Europe.

Now pouring in over 140 venues from Newton Abbot to Glasgow, and even Luxembourg, London Black continues to prove itself as the true craft alternative to big beer macro stouts. You can find your nearest pint using the interactive London Black map here.

Of the expansion Co-Founder & Chairman Jack Hobday says: “We are incredibly proud of the British success story that this expansion represents and I would like to thank each of the manufacturers for their great work. Driven by the popularity of London Black this fantastic new installation may mean we soon become London’s biggest independent Porter brewery. ”


London Black is our session strength Nitro Porter that takes inspiration from our flagship beer, The Porter. Creamy, smooth and truly sessionable.

What better way to create an effortlessly drinkable dark beer than to brew it with nitro. The resulting creaminess and smooth mouthfeel balance perfectly with the subtle roasted notes of coffee and chocolate.

The beer brings together the rich history and heritage of London Porters, with the modern techniques of brewing nitro beers. The result is a beer that is easy drinking, without sacrificing its character.


Founded by childhood friends Paul Anspach & Jack Hobday, Anspach & Hobday launched in Bermondsey in 2014. Anspach & Hobday believe beer is about enjoyment and community. In 2019 Anspach & Hobday set up their Croydon Brewery following on from their 2018 crowdfund (542 investors, £525,250 raised, £3m valuation).

Following on from their 2021 crowdfund (869 investors, £661,262 raised, £4.9m valuation), Anspach & Hobday are set to double batch volume and efficiency, with a focus on supporting the demand and growth of their popular independent nitro porter, London Black.

Inspired by traditional styles and remade for the 21st century beer drinker, Anspach & Hobday is known for its diverse range of beers. Brewing everything from historic ales and porters to experimental sours and IPAs. All of our beers are vegan friendly and made using renewable energy.

Anspach & Hobday is best known for its flagship beer and award-winning beer, The Porter. The brewery epitomises London craft beer, bringing together tradition with modernity.

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Please see below for more information on the expansion along with visual assets here.

Press release from Anspach & Hobday.

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