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3rd April 2023

Badger launches Outland craft beer brand

Leading independent brewer Badger Beers is launching a range of craft beers under an innovative new brand, called Outland. The new beers, available from April, offer drinkers characterful, contemporary tastes, complementing Badger’s existing core range of premium bottled ales.

The launch of Outland is one part of a fundamental shift in attitude at Badger Beers, following an all-encompassing review of its brands. While Badger’s 240-year brewing tradition and roots in Dorset remain integral to its positioning, it is now looking to build on its heritage to become a more innovative, consumer-centric brewer, with greater appeal to the 21st century beer drinker.

The Outland brand launches with a Milk Stout and Ginger Pale Ale in 440ml cans, and a draught West Coast IPA initially available exclusively in Hall & Woodhouse pubs, with cans to follow in the autumn. The beers have been developed to offer the interesting, innovative flavours associated with craft beers, presented in a way that also appeals to more mainstream beer drinkers who are new to the craft category, or simply enjoy discovering new beers.

The cans have been designed to communicate strong craft cues, with an abstract black and white background lifted by a splash of bold colour for the ‘Outland by Badger’ branding and the beer name. The overall theme for Outland is ‘Far From Ordinary’, referencing the Dorset countryside home of the Badger Brewery and the character, style and flavours of the range.

Badger is supporting the launch of Outland with a £250,000 advertising and marketing campaign and has secured listings for Ginger Pale Ale and Milk Stout in Sainsburys and Waitrose from April, with Morrisons and Ocado set to follow later in the year. Both beers will have an RRP of £3.00 for a 440ml can.

The wider update to the main Badger brand will start with a redesign of the core beers. New designs for a number of beers within the Badger range of premium bottle ales will go into retail later in the year.

Head Brewer, Toby Heasman says: “The Outland project has given the brewing team a great opportunity to showcase their creativity in brewing some unique and innovative beers. It has been great fun developing the range, which allows drinkers to try a range of diverse styles from a West Coast IPA to an indulgent Milk Stout through to a Ginger Pale Ale.

“We hope drinkers have as much fun drinking the beers as we had brewing them, and look forward to receiving their feedback.”

Giles Mountford, drinks marketing manager at Badger Beers, said: “Outland is our biggest investment in NPD for many years and we’re delighted with the final result. The range has all the craft beer cues: on trend styles including stout, interesting flavours, a striking pack design with strong shelf appeal, and clear on-pack communication that’s easy for new or light craft drinkers to understand – unlike some craft brands that they find hard to decipher.”

An extensive review of the Badger Beers range and positioning over the past year has confirmed that the brewer has the credibility among drinkers to launch a craft brand, so long as it is in keeping with the overall Badger values. The brewery is 100% independent, brews unique, award-winning beers, and has a history of innovation, with Badger having introduced some of the first flavoured beers in the UK.

Mountford added: “We don’t need to be edgy; we can credibly launch a more mainstream craft offer by leveraging the link to Badger as one of the best-known ale brands in the UK, synonymous with top quality, authentic and characterful beers from a truly independent brewery.

“The result is Outland, a new brand that we believe can democratise craft beer and ultimately bring more drinkers, both from premium bottled ales and lager, into the craft sector.”

Outland by Badger: tasting notes 

Ginger Pale Ale: 5% ABV. Hazy, Spicy and Sweet, the ginger takes centre stage in this naturally hazy pale ale, brewed with WGV and Goldings hops. Expect refreshing, balanced yet punchy flavours.

Milk Stout: 5.2% ABV: Rich, Dark and Smooth, this stout harbours indulgent flavours of cocoa, coconut and vanilla, along with dark, roasted malt and subtle hop notes, in a recipe that’s earnt us three internationally recognised brewing awards.

West Coast IPA: 5% ABV: Bold, Hoppy and Citrussy, this is a great IPA, made from a tasty trio of Amarillo, Cascade and Mosaic hops to give it a deep bronze colour, punchy citrus flavours, and a powerful hop character.

Key facts: craft beer and premium bottled ales

  • Craft is in growth (+1ppts Vs YA) and is now larger than PBA by value at £252m. (source: Neilsen Scantrak MAT to 23rd Jan)
  • Craft beer drinkers and ale drinkers regularly drink across the two categories: craft drinkers are the second-biggest ale drinkers (19%) and ale drinkers the second-biggest craft drinkers (8%) (source: Nielsen Homescan, March 2022).
  • Craft beer drinkers enjoy a wider range of drinks than other groups: 99% regularly drink other BWS categories (source: IGD consumer research June 2022: 1046 respondents)
  • 23% of premium ale drinkers are drinking more craft beer than 12 months ago (source: IGD consumer research June 2022: 1046 respondents)

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