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20th November 2012


  Badger Collector's Edition 2012 (1)Badger Ales, one of the UK’s leading premium bottled ales, has launched the first of its ultimate collector’s ales series. To celebrate the number of years Hall & Woodhouse has been brewing, 235 bottles of the Collector’s Edition 2012 have been released, each bottle hand-numbered and signed by Chairman Mark Woodhouse, and housed in a beautiful wooden presentation box.
The base ale of the Collector’s Edition 2012 uses generous proportions of specialist malts to build flavour.  The Crystal malt gives both a fullness and biscuit body to the ale and the Aromatic malt provides the moreish character which lengthens and adds complexity in the mouth.  Boadicea was used as the bittering hop at the start of the boil, with Target added five minutes before the end and Bramling Cross on the cast from the copper providing the bulk of the hop notes.  The fermenter was then further infused with Goldings. Finally, the ale was matured in a Somerset Cider Brandy Company oak cask, where a second fermentation took place before being bottled into champagne bottles to allow for a further tertiary fermentation, riddling and disgorging.
Head Brewer at Badger, Toby Heasman, said: “Following the opening of our new brewery I was inspired to create a collector’s ale series, all of which will be suitable to drink immediately or can be laid down for many years. This 10.7% ale is one of the first ales produced in the UK to undergo three fermentations as well as full riddling and disgorging, which is normally only carried out by the finest Champagne houses.  The Collector’s Edition 2012 is the first in the series which will be released annually. It is a complex beer that is dangerously drinkable.  I would serve it either as an appetizer or end of evening beer to accompany cheese.”
The Collector’s Edition 2012 will only be exclusively available from and will retail at £50.00 plus postage and packaging from 26 November 2012.
For further information or samples of any of the Badger ales please call Nickie Davies, Positive PR, tel: 01935 389497 or, or contact Anna Corbett, brand manager, Hall & Woodhouse, tel: 01258 452141 or email:
(053) November 2012