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1st June 2021

BBPA launches “Countdown to Freedom” campaign, urging Government to remove all restrictions in pubs on June 21st

Trade association gives rallying call to hospitality, pub and brewing organisations to get behind campaign

The British Beer & Pub Association, the leading trade association representing brewers and pubs, has today launched a new campaign urging the Government to remove all remaining covid restrictions on pubs and the wider hospitality sector.

Called “Countdown to Freedom”, the new campaign will remind the Government of its roadmap commitment to remove all remaining restrictions on June 21st.

It will comprise of powerful news stories and social media posts using the hashtag #Countdown2Freedom, showing the damage current restrictions are having on the viability of pubs, brewers and hospitality businesses and how they threaten to impede their recovery. It will also highlight the freedoms people miss the most from when they could visit pubs and other hospitality venues as normal before the covid crisis.

At present, approximately 95% of the UK’s 47,000 pubs have re-opened. However, they face significant restrictions that greatly limit their ability to trade as viable businesses. These restrictions include table service only, 1 metre plus social distancing, group sizes of up to 6 indoors and no bar or standing drinking.

Upwards of 2,000 pubs are still closed, unable to reopen under the current restrictions in place because they are too small to do social distancing or table service only.

As more and more individuals across the UK receive their vaccination, the BBPA says all restrictions must be removed in pubs on 21st June if safe to do so.

Publicans, hospitality operators and interest groups ranging from consumer bodies to trade associations are all encouraged to get involved in the campaign. This will be done by supplying a range of social media assets available for everyone to use to promote the campaign through their own social channels and website, showing their support and the desire of the hospitality sector as a whole to fully reopen without restrictions.

Anyone wanting to learn more about the “Countdown to Freedom” campaign and request campaign support materials should get in contact with the BBPA via

Emma McClarkin, Chief Executive of the British Beer & Pub Association, said:

“Despite 95% of pubs reopening, the heavy restrictions they still face are hampering trade and viability. As many as 2,000 pubs are still unable to reopen because of the restrictions and so whilst they remain in place they jeopardise the recovery of the sector.

“More and more people are getting the vaccine each day. It’s time for the restrictions on our freedoms to be replaced by the protection of the vaccination and for businesses to get back to trading as normal.

“The time is ticking on the Government to stick to its roadmap and remove all restrictions on June 21st.

“Our campaign will highlight the impact current restrictions are having to the recovery of thousands of pub, brewing and hospitality businesses. It will remind people of the freedoms they are looking forward to enjoying in pubs which they still miss, such as standing drinking, bar service and cheering on their team while watching live sport.

“The overall goal of the campaign is to ensure the Government safely removes all restrictions on our sector on June 21st.”


Notes to editors

Please find a selection of “Countdown to Freedom” campaign assets attached, which will be used for social media posts to promote the campaign and its asks.

Press release from BBPA