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21st December 2023

BBPA respond to inflation figures

Inflation has hit its lowest level in over two years as it falls to 3.9% in November, down from 4.6% in October according to the ONS but the financial burden on pubs and brewers remains a challenge for many.

While the fall in inflation will be a relief to publicans and punters alike, easing the cost of living in some areas, the increase in the standard business rates multiplier by 6.7% is still set to add a significant extra burden on the sector, on top of the additional inflationary costs they face, even at a lower level.

Emma McClarkin, Chief Executive of the British Beer and Pub Association said:   

“Whilst today’s news of overall inflation continuing to fall is positive, the hospitality sector is still not feeling the benefit of this. Across our supply chain, and especially for food and energy, our costs continue to rise.”

“We need to see inflation continue to fall, in all areas of the economy, in the next quarter to ensure that all of Britain’s pubs can reach profitability and, therefore, stability in 2024.”



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