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24th February 2021

BEEKIND TO YOURSELF AT BATHTIME. Gosnells taps into Wellness.

A mead-scented bath in a mead-scented room with a can of chilled mead, whilst dipping the outstretched finger in honey? Can there be a better way to unwind or be kind?

The Gosnells ‘BEEKIND TO YOURSELF BUNDLE’ – priced at £16 (plus p+p) delivered deliciously to the door – will include:

  • A 33cl can of Gosnells Hibiscus (pink) or Hopped mead,
  • Two of Gosnells mead-scented bath bombs
  • A mead-scented beeswax candle
  • A small pot of Orange Blossom Honey
  • A handwritten note (to yourself or to someone equally special)

Gosnells have put together everything you need to take some time out of your day, relax with a nice bath and glass of our mead, including a relaxing candle, bath bomb, and of course, mead. This video tells all:

This bundle comes in either a Hopped (green) or Hibiscus (pink) variety.

Tom Gosnell comments: “Hops have long been used in beer (and mead) production, but they have relaxing properties all of their own. They’ve been shown to reduce anxiety and encourage better sleep, which is why we’ve infused a candle and bath bombs with hop oil for the ultimate in relaxation.

“Hibiscus Flowers also have a long tradition of medicinal use, particularly as a tea, but they have recently gained favour as a skin treatment. It’s been said that Hibiscus has a magical reputation for increasing skin elasticity to give a stunning natural youth-boost – we’re not guaranteeing it’s the fountain of youth, but we’re sure that our bath bomb will help you relax, alongside the delicate floral aromas from the hibiscus oil candle.”


Images available to download here. February 2021

Press release from R&R Teamwork on behalf of Gosnell’s Mead

For further information contact Rupert Ponsonby on 020 7384 1444