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13th July 2018

Beer Adventures App now in 85 global cities

Beer Adventures App now offers all of their 150 beer and brewery tours in 85 global cities for free

Rapidly expanding iOS and Android travel app Beer Adventures is sweeping through the global craft beer community, offering beer and food lovers an interactive way to explore the beer scene in major cities and travel destinations on almost every continent. Having already thousands of registered active users, the Beer Adventures app makes vacations and urban expeditions more exciting with over 150 app-led beer tours, plotting out all the top pubs, bars, restaurants, breweries and taprooms in town.

Beer Adventures has announced all of its 150 beer and brewery tours are available for free to download, meaning anyone with a love of beer and food can enjoy using its services. All it takes is a quick download on Apple iOS and Android Google Play to create a Beer Adventure home and away.

Beer Adventures Founder and Guild member Jonny Quirk said:

“Paid Beer Adventures have been taken 1000’s of times across 85 global cities since we launched late last year, but now we want even more beer fans from all over the world to enjoy our tours and see what we’re all about”

“So we’ve decided to offer our app and all its tours for free, zilch, zip, zero – that’s not a bad deal if you’re looking for a great day out wherever you are in the world.”

“We feature over 1000 pubs, bars, breweries and eateries across all our cities with more added every week. Plus each tour route is lovingly curated so as you get to see the city sights in-between all the beering and food stops”

Features of the app include: pro-built routes and navigation powered by Google Maps, informative pop-ups about the local beer and food scene, check-in ability and group adventures that allow friends to link up numerous phones together through the app for a day out to remember.

With the Beer Adventures app aimed at locals and tourists Quirk has said:

“it’s already been great to see people from the UK and Europe using our US tours when on holiday and US citizens enjoying our tours in Amsterdam, Brussels and Munich. Beer is such a universal language and we’re looking forward to playing a part in even more people’s travel plans by making our app completely free to use all over the planet”

One of the most popular features of the app is that it gives you the freedom to take your beer tour at your own pace. You can stay as long as you like at each stop and take detours or make pit stops at your own leisure.

“We want everyone to feel like a local whenever they join a Beer Adventure app tour” explains Quirk. “It’s a very highly curated tour experience which people are going on, it just so happens that it’s an app taking you around as opposed to someone telling you to be there at 12 o’clock on a Tuesday. Ok so you may not be on an organised group tour but you will be out together with 1000’s of people in the global Beer Adventures community. So everyone who uses our app can make a real day of it, not feel rushed, enjoy it with friends and really tap into the authentic food and drink scene wherever they are”

Each of the tours on the Beer Adventures app has five to ten bars, breweries, taprooms and restaurants with the option to skip anywhere that doesn’t appeal, and each city has at least one tour to select with some now having up to four or five tours.

The full list of Beer Adventures cities can be found below, with more tours and city launches arriving in the coming months.

North America:

New York, Toronto, Chicago, Asheville, Vancouver, San Francisco, San Diego, Portland, LA, Denver, Philadelphia, Austin, Seattle, Boston, Detroit, Montreal, Cincinnati, Dallas, Pittsburgh, Raleigh, Grand Rapids, Milwaukee, Cleveland, Atlanta, Charlotte, Las Vegas, Tampa, Nashville.

International Cities:

Dublin, Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, Rome, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland, Buenos Aires, Cologne, Munich, Copenhagen, Tel Aviv, Prague, Oslo, Stockholm, Lisbon, Madrid, Bruges, Hamburg, Vienna, Warsaw, Athens, Budapest, Rio, Santiago, Mexico City, Helsinki, Tallinn, Reykjavik, Bangkok, New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Moscow, St Petersburg, Beijing, Shanghai.

UK Cities:

Manchester, London, Liverpool, Leeds, Belfast, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Bristol, Cardiff, Birmingham, Brighton, Sheffield, York, Cardiff