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6th April 2022



Corpus Christi, TX—Since 2018, three friends have met weekly to discuss the two greatest art forms known to humanity: craft beer and movies. This week’s episode of their podcast, Beer and a Movie (BaaM), highlights another landmark on their journey: their 400th film review.

“We are amazed how many people listen all over the world,” said co-host Carlos Cooper. “Everyone loves movies including craft beer drinkers. We found the sweet spot and our fans listen every week to see what we come up with.”

The format is simple. BaaM opens the best craft beer they can get their hands on, reviews a film and then reviews the beer they’ve been enjoying. They repeat that for the second half. Between travels, beer subscription services and an extensive beer-friend network, BaaM has reviewed over 420 beers from all 50 states and 14 countries.

“This is the best job in the world,” said BaaM co-host David Gurney. “Find the best beers around the country and world and drink them. Now that breweries are contacting us and asking us to try their beers, we could not be happier.”

Over the years, BaaM has created recurring, original segments that listeners look forward to. ‘All Horror October’ highlights horror films, past and present, all month. Every 50th episode is a ‘Cage Match’ focusing on the films of Nicolas Cage. Baam’s annual year-end ‘BaaMies’ episode highlights the co-hosts’ favorite beers and movies of the year.

“I love the creative way we pair films and beers,” said co-host Joe Hilliard. “If there’s a connection, we will make it.” On a recent episode discussing the film, Red Rocket, BaaM enjoyed a strawberry barleywine ale pointing out that one of the lead character’s names was Strawberry. “Our audience loves how we connect beers and movies together. It’s pretty unique.”

About Beer and a Movie:

Beer and a Movie (BaaM) is a locally-produced podcast that explores and reviews the two best art forms known to humanity: Beer and Movies. BaaM releases a new episode every Wednesday that typically contains discussion and reviews of a newly released film, a companion/related film and then two craft beers from all over the country. Approaching their 200th episode, they have reviewed over 424 beers from 250 breweries in all 50 states and 14 countries and over 400 movies.

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