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16th July 2020

Beer + Classic Albums = The Classic Album Pub Quiz

Classic Album Sundays  is an events / content platform that tells the stories behind the albums that have changed our lives. Radio host / DJ / journalist Colleen ‘Cosmo’ Murphy founded Classic Album Sundays 10 years ago to give music the time and attention it deserves. It started as a monthly album club in which she told the story behind an album, and then played it uninterrupted, on vinyl, on an amazing audiophile sound system so that every sonic nuance could be savoured.

Classic Album Sundays’ values are much like those of the craft beer movement. Unsurprisingly, our social media stats indicate we share the same audience who have a passion for enjoying high-quality experiences that exceed the mainstream standard. While craft beer enthusiasts seek flavours that global beer corporations are unable to create, music fans seek an intimate, tailor-made listening experience that streaming services cannot provide.

Many craft beer brewers quickly reacted to lockdown and changed their business models to survive. Similarly, Colleen had to reimagine the entire platform as all of our in-person events have been cancelled for the foreseeable future. Classic Album Sundays now has a new Patreon subscription offering, so that people around the world can join in three monthly online events: The Album Club, The Classic Album Pub Quiz and the Safe & Sound Hi-Fi Webinar with tips on how to improve your home listening experience.

We feel the beer community would love our unique Classic Album Pub Quiz which is almost like a two-part podcast that is both fun and informative with linked thematic stories. Themes so far have included The Concept Album, The Golden Age of Hip Hop, Laurel Canyon, Britpop and Black Lives Matter and at the end of each part, quizmaster Colleen gives related Five Take-Away Classic Albums.

As an incentive, perhaps you would like to take part in a Pub Quiz yourself? If you are a freelancer on your own, please let us know if you would like to come along to the Classic Album Pub Quiz Colleen is hosting this Friday at 8pm BST and we’ll get you an invitation (the next is the 21st August).

If you are part of a larger publication, Colleen has offered to host a free Classic Album Pub Quiz for your publication’s staff via Zoom, as perhaps it would be nice to socialise together after months of being physically separated.

Our Classic Album Pub Quiz is much different to other pub quizzes so you must join us to find out more.

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