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18th October 2017

Beer Craft by Jon Finch

Beer Craft, by Guild member Jon Finch

Published 19th October 2017 by
Little, Brown, price £14.99 in hardback

The no-nonsense guide to making and enjoying damn good craft beer at home. Beer Craft is an ideal Christmas gift by the co-founder of Grillstock  festivals and smokehouses – it also features beer cocktails, food recipes, and micro-brewery showcases. ABOUT BEER CRAFT Fact: If you can make soup, you can make beautiful and delicious craft beer.

Armed with this book, a stock pot and a mesh bag, you’ll be drinking your own freshly crafted, hoppy aromatic beers in a matter of weeks. Beer Craft will teach you how to make awesome beer, mix tasty beer cocktails and rustle up mouth-watering food, as well as providing a guide to some of the best breweries the craft beer world has to offer. Brewing beer needn’t be a complicated, drawn-out process involving a cupboard full of equipment straight out of a laboratory and ingredients you can only order from overseas! Beer Craft gives readers a simplified approach to the process, translating the necessary science into layman’s terms and making the process fun, approachable and just a little bit rock and roll. A must-have buy for absolutely anyone who likes beer, not just the geeks.
Not only will this book appeal to anyone who fancies having a go at making beer, but it also offers beer cocktails and food recipes as well as brewery highlights. Recipes include:
 Belgium cherry beer glazed pork tenderloin
 Linguini with clams, chilli and IPA
A must-buy for absolutely anyone who likes beer, this rock ’n’ roll guide to home brewing is from the author of hit BBQ cookery book Grillstock. Welcome to your new favourite hobby!
ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jon Finch is the co-founder of Grillstock festivals and smokehouses, and the co-author of a cookery book of the same name. The first annual Grillstock festival was launched in 2010 and attracts over 17,000 visitors each year. Grillstock also operates five BBQ joints around the country. BBQ and beer are Jon’s greatest passions. He’s been brewing craft beer at home for a decade and even has a full draft beer set up in his garden shed with beer taps mounted on the door.
Jon Finch lives in Bristol and is available for interviews and first person pieces
Beer Craft by Jon Finch is published 19th October 2017 by Little, Brown, price £14.99 in hardback.
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