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11th June 2024

Beer Dad Invites Beer Enthusiasts to Shape the Future of Craft Beer Boxes

Guild Member Jamie Percival, the brain behind Beer Dad, is excited to announce the launch of a unique initiative—a Waiting List for beer lovers to shape the future of Beer Dad’s curated beer boxes.

This initiative gives beer enthusiasts the chance to have their voices heard. By signing up, participants will help decide what comes next for Beer Dad’s tailored beer boxes. This is a rare opportunity to influence the selection, ensuring that each box meets the highest standards and tastes.

Participants on the Waiting List will be asked for their input on several key aspects:

  • Type of Box: What kinds of themes or styles are most appealing?
  • Number of Cans per Box: What is the ideal quantity for enjoying and sampling?
  • Suggested Price: What price point feels fair and reasonable for these curated selections?
  • Brewery Suggestions: Which breweries should be featured in upcoming boxes?

Jamie believes that the best way to create top-notch beer boxes is by collaborating with the very community that loves and appreciates craft beer.

“We want our customers to feel a sense of ownership and pride in what we offer. By listening to their preferences and insights, we can craft the best beer boxes in the UK,” says Jamie.

Beer Dad is calling on all craft beer enthusiasts to join the Waiting List and share this opportunity with fellow beer lovers. The collective input will ensure that Beer Dad’s boxes not only meet but exceed expectations, providing a delightful and diverse beer experience.

To join the Waiting List and have a say in Beer Dad’s next curated beer box, visit The Waiting List page. For further inquiries, please email Jamie at

Cheers to shaping the future of craft beer together!

Contact: Jamie Percival
Beer Dad

For more information, please visit our website at

About Beer Dad:

Beer Dad is dedicated to delivering exceptional craft beer experiences through thoughtfully curated beer boxes. Run by Jamie Percival, a fellow Guild Member, Beer Dad combines a deep passion for craft beer with a commitment to quality and community. Join us in celebrating and exploring the world of craft beer, one box at a time.

Feel free to reach out for more details or interview requests. Let’s raise a glass to better beer, together!

Contact: Jamie Percival
Beer Dad

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