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2nd April 2012


On 13th/14th April Batemans Brewery, Wainfleet, Lincolnshire are holding a Beer Festival in their Visitors Centre.  There will be beers on sale from around the country including Batemans Good Honest Ales.  The doors open at 6.30pm on 13th April with Doctor Busker and his amazing traditional beer festival band – back by popular demand.  The festival continues on 14th April 11am to 6pm.  What makes this different to other beer festivals held in the Visitors Centre is for every pint drunk, Batemans will be donating money to the health charity Walk The Walk.

All funds raised by Walk The Walk supports research, campaigns and projects where it is often difficult to find funding but vital for cancer patients throughout the UK.  With 1 in 8 women expected to experience some form of breast cancer, and more and more men being diagnosed, Walk the Walk also emphasises the importance of maintaining a healthy weight and active lifestyle.

One of the main charity events that Walk The Walk organise the MoonWalk which takes place in London.  On the eve of 12th May 17,000 women and men will be gathering in Hyde Park to then power walk the streets of London from midnight in their rock n’ roll decorated bras for 26.2 miles.  Amongst those taking part is Jaclyn Bateman, Marketing Director of Batemans Brewery.  ‘If a year ago someone said to me that this time next year I would be getting ready to stride 26.2 miles round London I would think they were mad, especially in a decorated bra,’ said Jaclyn, ‘however, I have now done a few 20 mile walks and am now ready for the challenge of 26.2 miles.  Admittedly I have not yet tried walking in just my bra (and shorts) think I will wait until the 12th to do that!’


For more information on the charity or to sponsor Jaclyn