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5th September 2017

Beer hygiene experts say pubs can learn from mistakes

Avani Solutions launches ‘how not to’ series of education films
For immediate release: Tuesday 5th September 2017
A specialist beer hygiene company is trying to get licensees to see the funny side when learning how to tackle poor dispense practice.
Avani Solutions is launching a free series of educational films depicting how not to carry out certain dispense tasks and cellar operations.
Filmed in the style of Pathé News clips and public information films, the series is designed to help pub teams remember how to do things properly by making them laugh at things being done wrong.
“The idea behind the series is that people can learn by other people’s mistakes,” says Avani’s Amanda Thomson, who also produced the first of the films.
“There’s also evidence that people are more open to training, and remember better what they’ve learned, when that training is fun. That’s the premise behind the films.”
Each of the films will cover a different topic relating to beer dispense excellence. They feature a hapless landlord called Arnold Babcock whose cringeworthy errors are pointed out and chuckled over by a moustached and lab-coated dispense expert called Cyril Molesworth.
The series is filmed at a real pub, The Kings Arms Coaching Inn in Swaffham, Norfolk and features Graeme Taylor and Claire Evans whose day job is running the same pub. Dispense expert Cyril Molesworth is played by Avani’s Phil Reeve, who also directed the film.
Amanda adds, “It takes guts to send yourself up like Graeme and Claire have in our film! Happily they share Avani’s dedication to best practice, so viewers can be confident that in real life it is not the sort of pub where mistakes like these are made.”
The first film is available now on the Avani Solutions YouTube Channel and is entitled, ‘How NOT to change a keg’. The next in the series is due to be released later in the year.
● Watch ‘How NOT to change a keg’ here:
High res stills from the film can be downloaded via this link:
For further info contact: Amanda Thomson of Avani Solutions on 07901 334 830, or by email:
Editors’ notes
● Founded in 2012, Avani Solutions has rapidly become well known as a leader in the supply of beer dispense hygiene solutions for pubs, bars and other licensed outlets, with a comprehensive range of products, hygiene services and training. Find out more about all its products and services at:
● How not to change a keg and a selection of other short films called ‘Avani Snippets’ can be found on the Avani Solutions You Tube channel at: